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Users familiar with Windows must know that Microsoft publishes a batch of updates to the current Windows system every month to fix the identified system vulnerabilities, while updates related to the system kernel are called system kernel patches. A small number of modified version or Ghost version of the system users in this type of kernel patch will appear in the system blue screen or can not start the problem, which led to a part of the user for the patch produced a fear of psychological, dare not to play patches.

New version of the new 360 vulnerability repair system blue screen Repair function, this feature can help you install Microsoft patches and a blue screen or can not start problems such as quickly repair your system, really do use 360, rest assured to play the Patch:

1. How to use

1. Enable the system blue screen repair function, you can rest assured that the patch, do not need to do any operation or settings. When the 360 vulnerability fixes found that there may be a blue screen or caused the system can not start the Microsoft patch, will automatically help you back up the relevant system files, and after the end of the patch prompts you to play a few system kernel patches.

2. After you have completed the patch and restarted the computer, the following image boot menu appears. First choose Normal startup, after the normal startup of the computer successfully, this boot menu will automatically disappear, if it does not start properly, reboot and select the second item in the following figure boot Menu "System blue Screen Repair (when the patch causes blue screen/cannot start, select this recovery System)" can automatically help you recover the system related files.

Note: Only if you hit a kernel patch that may be problematic, we will have the following startup entry, which will not normally be shown to affect your normal operation.

3. When the recovery is successful and re-enter the system, the 360 vulnerability fixes will prompt you to successfully repair the system and automatically remove the System boot menu to ensure that your system is the same and will not disturb your normal work.

4. From then on the patch is not a let you worry about the matter, also do not need to look around the data to see if this patch can play, that patch hit will not be a problem. Really do, use 360, rest assured to play the Patch:

2. How to enable the system blue screen repair function

1. If you have not yet turned on this feature, after the patch, if there are likely to lead to a very small number of computer blue screen Microsoft kernel patches, we will prompt you to turn on this feature, you only need to click on the prompt "Enable now" button, you can enable this feature.

2. If you miss the prompt, or turn off this feature before, you can enable this feature at any time in the settings: check or uncheck the "Enable patch blue Screen Repair feature" checkbox to turn this feature on or off.

Note: This feature is now only used to solve the problem of the blue screen caused by Microsoft patch, unable to boot, etc. After patching the system can enter, but the function is not normal problem temporarily still cannot solve, please forgive me!

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