360 security guards do not install properly what's going on

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360 security guards can not normal installation how to do? There have been some malicious programs that have been frantically attacking 360 security guards, in these malicious programs will be shielded "360" "Security guardian" and so on, so that 360 security guards can not be installed, in a vain attempt to make users and 360 Security Center complete barrier, the following small series to share a solution.

360 security guards have now issued a series of kill tools for these malicious programs, we recommend that you use the following methods:

1. Download the Killing tools and repair tools in the 360 Safety center on the machine without poisoning.

2, modify the Kill tool and Repair tool name is other name (not including 360, security, etc.).

3, will modify the name of the repair tool and special Kill tool copy to the poisoned machine.

4, the killing.

5, if the throw can not be killing, it is recommended to use the System Diagnostics tool to generate a system diagnostics report, and copy to the machine sent to the recruit.

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