360 security guards stuck when they fixed the leak.

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360 Security defender Bug fix installation jammed solution

The following figure can be seen, 2 patches in a successful repair, the other is always in the state of repair, waiting for more than 5 minutes still state, you can confirm that the card is dead.

Click "Stop Repair" to confirm that the bug is stopped.

Because of the vulnerability in the process of the death card may be due to excessive system resources, you need to clean up the system resources, click 360 Software Small Assistant "one-click Accelerator", you can also use the 360 accelerator ball One-click acceleration function.

The software hints that the cleanup system has improved performance.

Review the task manager for programs that occupy a large amount of system resources, or close the program if you have one.

Once again into the 360 security guards, click "Killing Repair."

Click "Bug fix" again.

When you select a patch that has not been successfully repaired, click "Fix Now" to successfully fix the bug.

If you do not successfully install the resource after you clean it, it is recommended that you reboot your computer and install it.

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