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1. What is a computer clinic?

Computer out-patient is integrated with the "Internet anomaly", "System icon", "IE function", "Game environment", "Common Software", "system synthesis" and other 6 major systems common failure repair tools, can be a key intelligent solution to your computer failure. You can choose a fix based on the problem you are experiencing.

2. Why use a computer clinic?

Computer use for a long time will inevitably appear some small faults, such as not on the net, no sound, software error, Luantan advertising and so on. And often some netizens lack experience, that is, these small problems, can only turn around for help, or even spend money to repair. To this end 360 launched the "Computer Outpatient", a collection of various system failure solutions, free of charge for the vast number of netizens to provide convenient maintenance services. Users only need to choose to solve the problem, can be a key intelligent repair. For unwilling to spend more money, or the computer is not too understanding of small white users, 360 of computer out-patient can be said to be the best choice, even if you do not understand the computer, can easily solve most of the computer's difficult and incurable diseases.

3. How to use the computer clinic?

Computer Out-patient built-in 360 security guards, in the killing Trojan horse and system repair page can be found, enter only to find the problem you encounter, click "Point to Solve", you can fix a key!

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