360 security guards to intercept software advertising methods

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Although many well-known domestic software today is free banner, but at the same time, but also for users in the use of the process brought a certain amount of advertising interference, and want to block related ads, we need to register the corresponding VIP members, such as QQ is the best example, want to PC client software in the advertisement interception, We can through Third-party interception software to complete, and the 360 security guards have this function, the following small series for everyone to provide a use of 360 security guards to intercept the computer software advertising methods, users need to try quickly!

360 security guards to intercept software advertising methods

The first step: to intercept the ads in the software we need to install 360 security guards!

We found it in 360 security guards.

2.360 window Interceptor hidden in all the tools of the 360 security guards, find the window block in all the tools!

360 Window Interceptor has three modes, which are never interception, general interception and strong interception.

3. The user chooses the corresponding interception way as well as the powerful interception or does not intercept the application software!

4. When you set the force to intercept and add a good object to intercept, whether it is the window bounce out of their own, or you manually to point out, anyway, the window will not appear again.

5. Show the number of times the window has been intercepted

In the 360 window interceptor settings There, you will find that 360 can monitor every window, so that later not afraid not to know who the window came from. The point is, when the window appears, you can choose whether to block the window!

You can choose whether or not to block the window when the window appears.

With the above method, we can intercept the window ads of the software in the computer.

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