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There has been a recent user feedback that the firmware upgrade failed because local DNS could not resolve the domain name of the firmware upgrade, typically by manually changing the router Wan's DNS to a globally common "" solution.

If you also encounter this problem, you can follow the following procedure.

First, login luyou360.cn into the Router management page, click on the Internet settings.

The default display of the Internet way box is the router automatically recognized the way the Internet, a total of the following three ways to configure the Web page, please separate.

1. Broadband Internet access (PPPoE)

Check "Custom DNS" to set DNS to "".

2. Static IP Internet

Set DNS directly to "".

3, dynamic IP network

The "IP address" and "gateway" information shown in the following figure is recorded in the small book, which will be used in a moment.

First, the default "dynamic IP Internet" to "Static IP Internet", in the "Static IP network" configuration interface in order to enter the small notebook "IP address" and "gateway", and then set DNS to ""

Finally, after the modification is completed, the router will automatically disconnect the network and then connect the firmware properly.

Special case:

If you are in a network environment using proxy way to the Internet (such as some schools, governments, companies, etc.), may shield the firmware upgrade domain name, resulting in the firmware can not be upgraded. It is recommended that you take the router to a firmware upgrade in another network environment, and you can use it once the upgrade is successful.

The following DNS servers are currently identified as having problems:


Guangdong Mobile

Zhejiang Mobile

360 in contact with mobile operators to resolve this issue. May cause cannot bind, cannot log in 360 account number and so on.

360 Secure routing System ROM upgrade method:

1 mobile phone app side upgrade method: Click Settings-Detect firmware version, the following figure:

2 Web Page Upgrade method: Click Advanced Settings--router firmware upgrade, as shown in the following figure

3) Manual update Rom method:

① Download the above firmware address ROM file

② Computer Address bar input luyou360.cn, in the page "Advanced Settings", the following figure operation:

③ Select the downloaded ROM file and upload and update it

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