360 serious defects resulting in system crash (zt)

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The last few tips show that the Windows Task Bar and table icons cannot be found after the security guard detects the virus. Manually running assumer.exe disappears in a flash, and no reason is found.

At that time in the Internet search, found 360 of the Forum at the end of October someone asked this question (http://bbs.360safe.com/viewthread.php? Tid = 340712 & extra = Page % 3d1 ). Someone mentioned that renaming shdocvw. DLL to shdocw32.dll can solve this problem. I didn't care too much because I didn't see the site.

This morning, I helped a friend's computer to kill viruses and found a trojan named backdoor/win32.agent. CGG in the file c: \ windows \ system32 \ shdocvw. dll. The file name is the same as the file name in the post that I saw at the time. For the sake of caution, I have backed up the file and the Registry, and then used 360 security guard to clear the virus.

Clear the background, the appearance is just like what I said in my son. If I cannot enter the table, manual operation of assumer.exe is also a flash. We recovered from the backup registry and found that 360 had a serious defect in processing the Trojan. The security guard simply deletes Trojan Files and does not perform any post-processing work. As a result, system-critical processes cannot be loaded by assumer.exe. No way, don't look forward to a big company in a small workshop overnight. We should give small vendors like 360 growth time.

Some people responded to this issue in the Forum in May, but it has not been solved yet, which is a little inefficient. This is not a technical issue, but a matter of character. This problem can be avoided after a simple test, but the small workshop has become accustomed to using netizens as mice ...... No way.


1. Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to bring up the task manager.

2. Click "file"-"New Task", enter "Regedit", and click "OK" to open the registry editing tool.

3. Use the registry search tool to search for all projects that contain "shdocvw32.dll" and change "shdocvw32.dll" to "shdocvw. dll ".

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