360 What is the reason for the slow upload speed of cloud disk?

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360 Slow upload speed is what reason? 360 Cloud disk Upload why is limited? 360 cloud disk as a large volume of cloud storage software, many people use 360 cloud disk upload storage files. However, sometimes upload large files to 360 cloud disk, often appear speed only dozens of KB, and at this time the network bandwidth may exceed 1M, why is this so? This problem has a lot of netizens reflect, small series tried a lot of speed up method, finally found an optimal solution, the trial proved that upload speed significantly improved. Below, the small set up to teach everyone how to solve the 360 cloud disk upload speed slow and upload the problem of limited speed.

  360 Cloud disk upload is limited speed how to solve

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Say reason: 360 cloud Disk account, when you upload a file exceeds a certain size, will limit your upload. In order to reduce the net action workload, 360 officials used the intelligent speed limit. Once the total upload is over 10GB, the speed limit is 20–40kb/s. is not related to your physical bandwidth.

Method 1: Use the mobile version of 360 cloud disk

Copy the file to the mobile directory, open the phone 360 cloud disk, use 360 cloud disk app to upload files, you will find seconds pass, it came back.

This method is to solve the "360 cloud disk upload speed slow" the most simple and effective way.

Method 2: Use the speed measuring device to borrow the east wind

1, this method from the Niang, not too recommended use, because the basic not very good. But it also needs to be applied to you, so write it down.

2, open 360 cloud disk, select "Function Daquan", select "Speed Measuring Device", click Start speed

3, wait for the test to complete, select the network disk again, back to the home directory

Go back to the home directory and see how fast the upload is.

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