360 What is the process of zhudongfangyu.exe in the security guard?

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Zhudongfangyu.exe is the 360 security defender's active defense file, but also the service item.

The file (service) for 360 security guards to provide real-time protection, file audit, active defense, intelligent acceleration and other functions, so that 360 cloud killing engine scanning speed increased 10 times times, memory footprint savings of 80%, Trojan killing efficiency also greatly improved, it is recommended not to close.

Shutting down the service may cause the Trojan to not be able to find out, prevent, and seriously reduce the scanning speed, affecting the computer performance, user experience and system security. This service itself takes up only minimal memory, CPU and other resources, does not affect the user any operation and other software normal operation.

Ways to manage Service item ZhuDongFangYu.exe:

Method One: Open 360 security Guardian-> Trojan firewall-> set->360 Active defense service-> temporary shutdown-> confirmation.

Method Two: Open Task Manager-> process-> End Process "ZhuDongFangYu.exe"-> confirmation.

Method Three: Open My Computer-> Control Panel-> admin Tools-> Service-> find the service and close it.


Active defense system has its own protection module The administrator cannot have permissions on the operation to end its process

It's the same in the service. No permission to operate it if you have service permissions then you can no longer start the active defense system

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