37. Common Linux Shell functions, top

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1. Description

Top selection parameters

2. Option

①-B runs in batch mode, but cannot accept command line input;

②-C: displays the command line, not just the command name;

③-D N indicates the interval between two refreshes. For example,-D 5 indicates that the interval between two refreshes is 5 seconds;

④-I. Do Not Display idle or zombie processes;

⑤-N num: displays the number of updates and then exits. For example, if-N 5 is used, top 5 data updates exit;

⑥-P pid only monitors the ID of the specified process; PID is a value;

7.-S runs in safe mode and some interactive commands are disabled;

Bytes-S cumulative mode: outputs the total CPU time of each process, including dead sub-processes;

3. Interaction

①Space is updated immediately;

②C switch to the command name display, or display the entire command (including parameters );

③F and F add or delete display fields;

④H ,? Displays help information about the security mode and cumulative mode;

⑤K indicates the ID of the process to be killed, which is used to kill the process (the default signal is 15)

⑥I. Prohibit idle and zombie processes;

7.L average load switching to the display mode and normal running time;

BytesM switches to the memory information and sorts it by memory usage;

BytesN indicates the number of processes displayed. For example, if you enter 3, three processes are displayed on the screen;

BytesO and o change the field display order;

11R applies renice to a process and prompts you to enter the PID and renice values;

12S changes the interval between two refreshes, in seconds;

13T switch to display process and CPU status information;

14A is sorted by process lifecycle, and the latest process is displayed at the beginning;

15M is sorted by memory usage, from large to small;

16N is sorted by process ID size, from large to small;

17P is sorted by CPU usage, from large to small

18S switches to the cumulative time mode;

19T sort tasks by time/accumulation time;

20W write the current configuration ~ /. Toprc;



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