3721 launched the real-name local search service

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3721 companies that created the Chinese search keyword service recently launched the real-name local search service.
Network search has become one of the most common Internet services. According to a survey, more than 80% of network users prefer search engines for enterprise, service industry, and other information. However, if you want to search for information in a specific place, it is always difficult to find such information in a proper way.
The local search service is based on the user's demand for "proximity and timely", and its segmentation service for the local market allows users to quickly perform regionalized search. In foreign countries, search engine giants GOOGLE and Yahoo have officially launched such services, and even Microsoft's trump card network service companies such as MSN and American online have followed suit. In China, 3721 was the first to launch similar services.
According to the relevant person in charge of 3721, the local search service launched in 3721 is a value-added service based on real-name search. The local search service is a sorting service for specific keywords of the local domain name purchased by an enterprise for its own product or service name. For example, if you enter "Changsha decoration" and "Hunan Walkie Talkie" in the IE address bar, the search engine automatically identifies the user's IP address in the local search box and only displays the relevant enterprises in the nearest region of Hunan, in the search results, a detailed map guide is provided to users, greatly facilitating users.
People in the industry pointed out that with the rapid development of the Internet in China, it has become a habit of Internet users to obtain product and service information through online search, the superiority of "local search" will play more and more important roles in users' daily lives.

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