3d Animation Production Example: Volume page text expansion

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This example shows the use of 3DsMAX to create a volume page expansion of the three-dimensional animation effect, as long as the bend (bending) tool can be easily implemented, does not require additional plug-in modules. Note that the text object should be shaped in a grid (grid) way to get a neat and meticulous surface division so that it is not torn when bending.

Creative thinking: the creation of a fine surface division of the text modeling, using the bend (bending) To modify the command, using the limit (limit) parameters to control the area of curl, the use of Gizmo (wireframe) object movement to complete the volume page animation.

Production steps:

1. Create Text objects

First you create a Chinese object of type editable Spline (editable spline curves), but such Chinese objects are not obtained by typing text directly. Must be obtained through a number of plug-ins or more complex methods. We can use the most primitive way to get it here.

First type "design online" with//text, then use the line tool to remove the "Start new graphics" check. 勾描 a new "design online" in the background of the text just now, as shown in Figure 1. The original text can be deleted.

Figure 1 Using line tools to sketch Chinese objects

Press ENTER to modify panel, enter the vertex (vertex) level, the front (front) view to maximize display, it is best to make a local amplification of each word, press the Refine (insert) button, in the text of the line paragraph to add the right amount of points, so that the entire text surface of the vertex approximately uniform, as shown in Figure 2

Figure 2 Chinese font insertion point

Because we use the Optimize (optimization) option, so you need to manually add dots on the line, if you do not use optimization, the system will be based on the step (stride) value to divide the two vertices between the segments, so this is not suitable for the current font, because the number of useless points will increase greatly, the complexity of the object will be straight up.

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