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The first pair project in Pair Programming finally came to an end with a paragraph. These days I was so busy that I finally finished playing Chinese chess with Xiaoming ~~ Scatter flowers first ~~

First, let's show this pretty-good chess:

We design the Board into a cube shape, but we still walk only on four sides, just like a square pipe opening at both ends. The red side is the initial side by default. A large piece of chess pieces can be seen as soon as they enter the 3D game. Of course, in order to adapt to the so-called 3D rules, we made some changes to the team's pawns. Two guns and five soldiers were added to each side, maintaining a symmetric structure. There is a pull bar on the right, and the method is a bit dumb: Pull the mouse to change the angle of view for the next player. Well, I wanted to make it more advanced and use the scroll wheel to control it. I didn't have time to change it ~~ Do it later. As for the background, there is really no matching to the good-looking, or simply brush the color from top to bottom. Chess and disc are purely pure handmade crafts. They are painted one by one based on the size of the pawns. They are physically active and tired ~~

In the initial selection between WPF and Silverlight, it was entirely determined that the WPF function seemed to be too much silver light, and the degree of understanding of silver light was not as good as that of WPF. Then we design our Chinese chess. It is a pity that our initial idea was determined by instructor Yan Xin as "pseudo 3D", that is, to have a 3D appearance rather than what we really want, so we all come back. We all felt sorry for the loss of the 3D tablet board, and finally decided to clip it into the new design game. At the beginning, an interface is displayed for you to choose which game to play, as shown in:

By the way, let's take a look at our initial effort: pseudo-3D Chinese chess, haha:

It's far away ~~ Return to 3D. After some pawns are added, the rules are corrected and designed. In fact, it is no different from the original Chinese chess rules, but it is only transferred to three-dimensional space, and there are some more boundary edges to solve the problem. Cars, horses, and guns are basically just like that. The phase is restricted on the face where the chess piece was originally located and cannot jump to another plane. The pawn is directly placed in the original "chuhe-" position, that is, the edge. At the beginning, there are two ways to go horizontally and vertically. After each selected piece, the selected piece will be displayed differently, and right-click the piece to discard the selection. The general function is like this. It may sound boring, but it actually feels quite interesting. It would be better if it is more convenient and user-friendly.

In short, due to the tight schedule of Chinese chess, many functional modules originally planned to be implemented were not completed, and the interface effect was not very dazzling, however, I spent nearly two weeks with Xiaoming. It's really hard for me to drag this coding pair to work, and I am deeply grateful and sorry.

Through this pair programming, I also learned something. The first is the conceptual correction. Originally, the pair refers to joint programming. Two people face the same computer and the same piece of code. In this way, communication is much more convenient first. If two people have any new ideas, they can immediately talk about them and discuss them. Even if the communication between communicator and MSN is more convenient, there is still no face-to-face communication. The second is the efficiency of cooperation that everyone feels. The two eyes stare at a piece of code, and the two heads analyze an algorithm, which makes it easier to discover errors, some non-standard, unreasonable, and hard-to-understand aspects are easier to improve, and the code readability can be improved a lot. Although our code is a little lengthy at last, it is still very good in terms of standardization and readability.

I paired with Xiaoming to program:

Anyway, the first pair work is over, and there will be an English expression tomorrow. Let's take a look at our chess game ~~~

----------- By zhouxiao

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