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Yesterday, an adult gave me a half-price discount with a movie from the kindergarten. We went to see 3d ice age at the Shenzhen theater, which is an old-fashioned theater with no slope design, there are many seats.

At the beginning, there was a 12-minute 4D "Hello, rat, three city", which triggered a climax. The 4D effect was very realistic, throwing a ball out without stopping, as if it were hitting your own face, which caused a burst of calls from all the people in the audience. The wooden stick was hitting your own eyes, which caused a burst of calls from all the people in the audience, the flying butterfly made people unable to help but reached out and caught a burst of calls from everyone. Then they passed through the road and were like themselves on the train .........., it's amazing. The sudden bursts of scream from everyone make other people laugh.

The ice age in the next 80 s is more exciting and warm, with a great sense of space, in this case, the smiling figure is Sid's grandmother .........., the whole process can make people laugh.


The story of "Ice Age 4" begins with the crazy chase between the rat kuit and the pine fruit. It takes days and nights to go from the sun to the moon to the rising moon. In addition, during this process, as a result, the earth, due to the crazy behavior of the mouse kuit, after being stimulated by a small chain, the originally connected surface was split into seven oceans in five continents, leading to the opening of a new adventure by Manni, Sid, and Diego, sid's strange grandmother accidentally drifted along the sea with the three people. Along the way, she had to satisfy her various strange requirements. More specifically, this group of difficult and difficult siblings were blocked by one-vote pirates, they have made their home journey more exciting and unexpected ......


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