3d Max 8.0 Animation example: Bouncing Volleyball

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First, the use of "automatic key point" function to create a volleyball animation

1, single hit open Bq.max file, in this scene there is a volleyball and a floor.

2, click to open "Automatic key point" to enable it, now, if we move, rotate or scale the object, will automatically create keyframes, animation, as shown in the following figure.

Figure 1: Turning on the "automatic key point"

3. Right-click the volleyball body, select "Move" from the "transform" area of the four-yuan menu that pops up, and when the mouse moves on the transformation Gizmo, the different axes and their labels will turn yellow, as shown in the following figure.

Figure 2: Transform-> move

4, click along the z-axis and drag up to lift the ball in the air, when we move the ball up in the air, notice the change of the z value in the coordinates shown below the trajectory, at which point the sphere's position in frame No. 0 is now fixed above the cuboid.

Figure 3: Raising the ball along the z axis in the air

5. Create keyframes in automatic key point mode. Move the time slider to frame 15th, and drag the sphere along the z-axis to the surface of the table as shown in the following illustration.

Figure 4: Drag the sphere along the z axis to the surface of the table

6. Put the mouse on the frame indicator of the time slider, that is, the gray box in the figure above, read 15/100) and right-click, the Create Key Point dialog box pops up, and in the Create Key dialog box, we change the source time to 0, change the target time to 30, and then click the OK, this is where we copy the key points from frame No. 0 to frame 30th, now click Play Animation to play the animation, or drag the time slider back and forth between frames No. 0 through 30th, and the volleyball will move up and down between frames No. 0 to 30th, and the air between the 30th frame and the 100th frame will stay in place.

7. In the time Configuration Dialog > Animation Group, set end time to 30, as shown in the following figure.

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