3d production of three-dimensional cartoon head: Starlight Flashing

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In the title animation we often use the Star element class special effects, such as starlight flashing effects. 3DsMAX provides a highlight cross bright star stunt that automatically produces twinkling stars on any surface. In fact, it is not limited to the shape of the cross, but it is free to set the number of rays.

It should be noted that if the size of the future rendering is different, the same settings will produce different effects, can not be based on the results of their vision to determine the final result.

The main technical points of this example:

The highlight cross bright Star special effect on the flying particle system, can produce the effect of starry sky.

The text passes through the surface material smooth processing, produces a kind of slip gold the bulge word effect.

The rotation of the text adds to the motion blur of the object's mode, which is calculated more slowly than image (image), but does not lose the metal effect of the material.

Production steps

First, create a text object

Use text to create three Chinese characters "Tenkine"; note that this is three separate objects. Then the bevel chamfer modification is produced and the metal material of three kinds of colors is specified respectively. Select a star map as an environmental background, and put a camera;

Set the total frame number to 100 frames, PAL (25 frames/sec) standard, not animated, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Creating a literal object

Select three text box, click button to enter the Modify command panel, add a Smooth (smooth) change, check the auto Smooth (Automatic smoothing) option, the threshold (threshold) increase to 60 or more, resulting text surface filled with the drum effect, as shown in Figure 2;

Figure 2 "Smooth" processing of a literal object

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