3DS Max makes cute big-eyed machine doll

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Robot Rock's name comes from Daft Punk's song "The Same". Oh, I think whatever style I choose, it will make the robot become very cool. But in this picture, I want to create a different kind of robot, in this tutorial, I will show you how to model some parts, how to make the characters more characteristic and finally in Photoshop color correction and so on.

In this tutorial, the author tries to explain all the production process as much as possible through the pictures, and the author tells us the process of making this lovely machine doll in a slow and gentle tone. The eyes are the windows of the mind, do you like this machine doll's eyes?

Let's look at the effect chart first:

Effect Figure 1

Effect Figure 2

This time my production is not the same as the original design, on the contrary, I began to use the picture of my girlfriend cat, called "edgy" it is a Persian cat with sad eyes. However, this is not my only reference. I also found a lot of related robots, and cited a lot of conceptual art and 3D models. Of course, I know I'm not going to be a cat model, calm down and think, I started to use the cat's eyes as a reference, this is the most basic way to make this Astro boy.

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