3DSMax Export Plugin vs Debug

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When you export your own model data file for your 3d engine in 3dsmax, you need to debug and trace in the development, this short article can help you solve

1: Configure the development environment (I use the programming environment is VS2008, 3DSMax is the 2010 version)

This can only be downloaded on their own, download good after vs and 3dsmax, then install it

If the downloaded 3dsmax does not have the SDK, then download Max's SDK Yourself

2: Configuration

Open the Max SDK directory .../3dsmaxsdk2010/howto/3dsmaxpluginwizard/

Modify the 3dsmaxpluginwizard.vsz file in this directory, modify the following

VsWizard 7.0

param= "wizard_name = 3dsmaxPluginWizard"
param= "Absolute_path = This is your 3dsmaxPluginWizard directory"
param= "Fallback_lcid = 1033"

Once configured, the 3dsmaxpluginwizard.ico under/3dsmaxsdk2010/howto/3dsmaxpluginwizard/will be 3dsmaxpluginwizard.vsz 3dsmaxpluginwizard.vsdir three file copy to vs installation directory .../microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\vc\vcprojects under

3: Create a project

Turn on vs to see the project's Build wizard, according to the needs of their own requirements according to the wizard to build the project can .....

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