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3G mobile phone is commonly referred to as the third generation (the third Generation) mobile phone. With the development of technology and economy, the current mobile phone varieties and models are also many people dizzying, from the first generation analog mobile phones to the second generation of GSM, TDMA and other digital mobile phones, and then to the current third generation of mobile phones, mobile phones have become a set of voice communication and multimedia communications combined, and includes images, music, web browsing, A new generation of mobile communication systems, such as conference calls and other value-added services such as information services.

3G Internet is following the GSM, GPRS, edge of the new network technology, one of the three major domestic operators China Mobile is the independent property rights of TD-SCDMA, speed up to 2.8M; China Telecom uses CDMA 2000 technology, now erected EVDO REV. A network speed up to 3.1M. While China Unicom adopts the international mainstream WCDMA technology, the theoretical speed can reach 7.2M. Now the domestic 3G network is in full coverage, there will be more accurate data.

At present, many 3G mobile phones and laptops, as well as many tablet computers are also beginning to support 3G Wireless, can realize wireless 3G Internet access, but notebook computers need to install 3G wireless network card can be, generally similar to the U disk equipment, only need to be on the laptop USB interface can realize 3G Internet, according to, Telecommunications, Mobile, Unicom and other networks, 3G wireless network card is also divided into many, the speed of the Internet also has a certain difference. Specific according to the purchase of the network business decision.

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