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At last 3G, the media was in a noisy revolution, and operators were competing for the shares. The SP companies were also scrambling, as if they had gone 3G, and mobile development would leave it tight.

It's time to make a lot of money. But as a general mobile developer, I only feel that there are great opportunities in the market, but the bubble is also huge.


Communication is a typical technology-driven market, with technologies far ahead of market needs. 4G has been mounted abroad, and domestic GSM network is still mainstream, China Mobile 80%

The income is from phone calls and text messages. Mobile Entertainment? The majority of the middle class have no mood or financial resources to enjoy. Just like mobile games and mobile phones and TVs



As far as I know, mobile gaming companies in the Mainland are still making money, and there is no real profit. There is no effective profit model, and there is no real attraction

. Who will play mobile games? Bored people, but they don't pay for them, and rich people are too busy to play. Mobile phone performance, Network

Restrictions on the environment and user habits make it impossible for PC-based online games to be copied to the mobile gaming field. Therefore, I am not optimistic about the mobile gaming application,

There will be no obvious rebound in at least year 35.


Mobile phone TV has become popular a few years ago. The cmmb mobile phone TV set up a fire in Beijing Olympics, but the screen is small, the screen is not clear, the program source is lacking

It is basically impossible to watch a car. These are all hard injuries on mobile phones and TVs. I tried a cell phone TV a while ago. After downloading and installing it, I opened a video.

The page displays "2 RMB per time, 10 RMB per month ". I can watch all the videos for 10 RMB a month. I chose monthly subscription. Play a Champions League

Goal highlights ", the buffer will appear after about 10 seconds, not very card, but the quality of the screen on the full screen mobile phone is very poor, it is closed if you do not know it. Youpai

Open a video, but it shows that "by this 1 yuan, 12 yuan per month", the original monthly package only included a cnlive program source, want to watch the cctv video has to spend

Money, watching SMG videos will cost more. All program packages cost 200 or 300 yuan a month! It is hard to bear such cost-effective services, directly

The software has been uninstalled.


It is said that mobile phones and TVs are still not profitable. No one is watching you and there is no advertisement. If there is no advertisement revenue, it is necessary to dig money from the user's wallet, which can only lead to user stream

I think it will never be profitable to take advantage of this practice. First of all, we should cultivate the habit of watching TV on mobile phones.

Only when there are too many people can there be advertising value. For example, in the era of free TV viewing in the Premier League, the Chinese mainland has 30 million audiences, and the self-expanding Premier League has high broadcast rights.

If you buy Tiansheng, fans will have to watch 180 yuan a month. In two years, the Chinese Premier League audience in the mainland has been reduced to 30 thousand, one thousand times less! Even me

Fans also began to watch Serie A Bundesliga. It is said that the Premier League will not broadcast Tiansheng any more next year. The user is so realistic that you cannot meet his/her needs.

Or if it exceeds his consumption capacity, it will be abandoned by him. Don't always think that there is a lot of money here.


In my opinion, the commercial value of mobile phone TV is not even higher than that of mobile phone network radio. I can listen to the radio and do other things.

It is impossible for TV to listen to broadcasts from all over the world. Developing mobile phone software requires not only entertainment, but also in-depth software development in users' daily life and business.

The most promising. For example, mobile phone securities software, which is popular in the stock market, has been widely used in Japan for QR code-based mobile payment.


Finally, I would like to share with you the two mobile phone software, both creative and tailored to user needs. Everyone strives to create a new "killer" Application

Right :)


1. Lin Dingwen, Singapore's fourth-grade elementary school student, developed an app for Apple's iPhone, the latest painting app he released at the Apple iTunes store

Dow.kids, with more than 4000 downloads in two weeks. This program allows users to draw on the iPhone touch screen with their fingers, and only need to shake the mobile phone

To clear the picture.


2. mobitubia: the winner of the first Nokia Open c Challenge (Open c challenge. Can be used to watch YouTube

And are free of charge. This kind of software is worth a few tens of dollars, and it is still free of charge! In contrast, mobile TV applications are somewhat self-reliant.


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