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VPS Exclusive host has been small and medium enterprises and high-end webmaster users of the best choice to build a station, and, with the cloud computing technology application and development, the VPS host prices more civilians, making more people contact with VPS host, and often use VPS host. At the same time, VPS exclusive host, virtual dedicated server and the principle of the relevant technology has been constantly understood by people, and is no longer so mysterious.


As a kind of virtualization scheme, VPS exclusive host has three kinds of classification, such as full virtualization, half virtualization and operating system virtualization. VPS Host is a virtual host through virtualization technology, virtualization is an abstraction layer, it separates physical hardware from the operating system, thus providing higher it resource utilization and flexibility.


  4 kinds of VPS host virtual technology principle :


Our common and more familiar 4 VPS host virtualization technologies, VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, Virtuozzo


I believe that often use VPS host owners have understanding, the 4 kinds of VPS host virtualization technology from different aspects of the use of different technical principles, to achieve through virtual technology to achieve the goal of the virtual abstraction layer. The principle is as shown in the following illustration:


4 kinds of VPS host virtual technology Advantages and disadvantages :

Often encounter "How to choose the VPS host?" "" How to choose the right to build their own station VPS host? "And so on, in fact, now appropriate VPS host, in addition to the price, VPS host configuration, VPS Host service providers, IDC brand, we can also, according to different VPS virtual technology principles, the pros and cons, the application of the scope of comprehensive consideration, so that the most suitable for their own VPS host products. 4 Virtualization Technology VPS Host advantages and disadvantages as shown in the following figure:


In our use of the VPS host process, not necessarily need our VPS host virtualization Technology principles, how to understand and grasp, but if we can properly understand some VPS technology and VPS Virtualization Technology principles, clear the various VPS host virtualization technology between the advantages and disadvantages, For us to choose the appropriate VPS host and rent to buy a higher cost of the VPS host will have a great role.

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