4 great tricks for translating text into Word documents in PPT

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are you bothered by the fact that you can't convert PowerPoint courseware into Word handouts? Or do you need to print out a lot of PowerPoint slides? Here are 4 ways to translate text from a PowerPoint presentation into a Word document for your reference.

1. Use the outline view

Open a PowerPoint presentation, click Outline, on the Outline tab of the Slide/Outline task pane on the left, click the mouse, press CTRL + A to combine the sound selection, and then use the CTRL + C key or right-click to select Copy on the shortcut menu, and then paste it into Word.

Small tip:

This method will be the original slide in the row, the various symbols are reproduced intact.

2. Use the "Send" function to change skillfully

Open the PPT slide you want to convert, and click file → send → Microsoft Word menu commands.

Then select the Use outline only radio button and click OK to find the entire PPT document open in a Word document.

Small tip:

After the conversion, you will find that Word has many blank lines. Delete all blank lines in Word with the Replace function press "ctrl+h" to open the "Replace" dialog box, enter "^p^p" in "Find Content", enter "^p" in "Replace with", and click the "Replace All" button several times more. ("^" can be entered in the English state with the "shift+6" key.) )

3. Use "Save as" direct conversion

Open the slides you want to convert, click "File" → "Save As", and then select Save As "RTF" in the "Save as Type" list box. Now use Word to open the RTF file you just saved, and then make the appropriate edits to implement the conversion.

4.PPT Convert to Doc software conversion

PPT Convert to Doc is green soft, after decompression directly run, before running please word and PPT program are closed.

Select the ppt file you want to convert and drag directly to the "Pptconvert to DOC" program.

Click the "Start" button in the tool software to convert, and the program automatically exits after the conversion is complete.

Small tip:

If you select Add delimited flag on conversion, you will see which page of the current content is on the original slide in the converted Word document.

When the conversion is complete, you can automatically create a new Word document that displays all the text in the ppt file.

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