4 Mind maps for learning python crawlers

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This brings us 4 mind map, combing the Python crawler Core Knowledge Points: Network basics, Requests,beautifulsoup,urllib and scrapy crawler framework.

Crawler is a very interesting topic, this article is through the crawler completed the task of the primitive accumulation of data required. The first time I caught the data, I felt the world was bright.

Of course, because the daily project requirements are not high, the mind map of this article only involves the most basic part of the crawler, but enough to deal with the need to get started ~

P.S. Because the platform has a certain degree of compression of the picture, it is recommended to download high-definition artwork at the end, enlarge reading.

Cartographic Tools: XMind

Mind Mapping

1, crawler basic knowledge

2. Requests Library

3, BeautifulSoup & Urllib

4. Scrapy Crawler Frame

If you would like to further study the form submission, JS processing, verification code and other higher-level topics, you can continue to further study the references attached to this article OH:

4 Mind maps for learning python crawlers

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