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Definition of offer, offer invitation, commitment:

An offer is a desire to enter into a contract with another person, and the content of the offer should be specific and clear, and the offeror shall be bound by the offer if it is committed by the offeree. (Bidding documents)

An invitation to offer is a means of wishing others to make an offer to themselves. An invitation to offer is a means of wishing others to make an offer to themselves. The price list, auction announcement, tender announcement, prospectus, commercial advertisement, etc. are invited for the offer. If the contents of the commercial advertisement conform to the offer, it shall be regarded as an offer. (Tender documents)

A promise is a means of agreeing to an offer. (Bid letter)

The tasks for configuration management (the process) are as follows:

(1) Establish and maintain the organization policy of configuration management.

(2) Develop the project configuration management plan.

(3) Determine the configuration identification rules.

(4) Implement change control.

(5) Report configuration status.

(6) Configure the audit.

(7) Release management and release management.

What is the configuration item version number rule:

(1) The version number of the configuration item in the "Draft" state is formatted as 0.YZ,YZ with a number range of 01~99. With the revision of the draft, the value of YZ should be incremented. The initial value and increase of YZ is the user's own grasp.

(2) The version number of the configuration item in the "formal" state is x.y,x the main version number, and the value range is 1~9. Y is the minor version number and the value range is 0~9.

When a configuration item becomes a "formal" file for the first time, the version number is 1.0.

If the configuration item upgrade amplitude is small, you can make the change part of the configuration item attachment, the attachment version is 1.0, 1.1, .... When the attachment changes accumulate to a certain extent, the Y value of the configuration item can increase in amount and the Y value increases to a certain extent, the X value will increase moderately. It is only possible to increase the X value directly when the configuration item is upgraded at a large amplitude.

(3) The version number format of the configuration item in the "Modified" state is X.yz. When a configuration item is being modified, only the z-value is generally increased, and the x.y value remains unchanged. When the configuration item is modified and the status becomes "formal," the Z-value is set to 0 and the x.y value is increased.

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4, October 10

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