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Online automatic translation is no longer a myth. Although the quality of Machine Translation cannot be compared with that of professional translators, it has grown to a level that can be easily understood. Currently, the four most famous translation engines include
Google Translate, Babel fish, promt or freetranslations, among which Google
Translate is developing most rapidly. This article introduces four online translation Web APIs, most of which are based on Google Translate.

Translate tools

First, Google
A simple widget is provided. You can copy and paste the widget to your web page.
A drop-down menu of 52 languages is displayed. If you select a language, the user will be redirected to translate.google.com.

And see the Translation results on the previous page.

Although this widget is simple, its disadvantage is that it is outdated. In addition, the user will be redirected to the Google site, and the user access experience will be interrupted.

Note: In fact, in addition to this simple widget, Google also provides a complete set of very powerful
API Translation
Based on this API, you can design a very useful online translation tool. The following third-party translation APIs are based on Google translation APIs.

The translatethis button

One alternative to Google Translate tools is the translatethis button
. This is also
Translate widgets, which can be copied and pasted to Your webpage based on Google translation
API, therefore, it also provides translation in 52 languages, but the user interface is more beautiful. The box dialog box is used, and icons in different languages are actually used, more importantly, it does not redirect users to Google

This widget uses JavaScript to replace Google's Translation results with the current page, which is also very fast. The size of the entire API is less than 12
K, relatively small.

Read this API documentation and more

Translate plugin

Another client translation API is jquery
Translate plugin
. This API also identifies the content of the current page and sends it to Google for translation using JavaScript.
API translation.

The advantage of this API is that it can connect multiple segments of scattered texts and send them to Google translation API
This can significantly reduce the number of requests, but it is slower than the translatethis button, and even if jquery is not considered
The size of the framework. The size of this plug-in is as large as that of translatethis.

Translator (WordPress)

The client translation API is fast and easy to deploy. However, if your site traffic is high, you should consider the server translation API to improve performance.

Global Design of Davide pozza
Is a WordPress plug-in that can provide 41 for any WordPress-based site.
Translation of different languages. Its functions include fast caching and Seo-friendly static permanent links. In addition, this API allows you to use four different reprinting engines, including Google
Translate, Babel fish, promt or freetranslations.

Where to go for online translation?

Automatic online translation has developed rapidly in recent years and has become better and better. Google translation API supports more and more languages, and the translation quality is improving steadily.

In the future, Google may allow longer text to be submitted to their API. Currently, it is 1000 words. If it is increased to 2000 words, those based on its API
The speed may be significantly improved.

In addition, Google translation has recently launched text
To Speech
Supported. Weston ruter also released
HTML5 audio tag script

International Source: http://sixrevisions.com/tools/reach-a-larger-audience-with-content-translation-tools/

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