4 tips to teach you how to stand out in the App Store

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Michael Waugh, author of the editor's note, has worked at Potenza Global Solutions for the past two years, passionate about technology and passionate about exploring new technology tools. In this article, Michael describes how to validate application ideas, and uses his wonderful insights and experience to pave the way for success for your application.

A great idea can change the entire application world and become a role model for other applications. Mobile apps are constantly changing the world's traditional impressions of apps. When you start developing your app, you should work on the idea.

The development process of the application must begin with validating the idea. The validation process needs to prove that the application is worth a lot of time, money, and effort, and it can also help focus on creativity. Creating a successful application is thanks to this creative validation.

You might want to know what the process of validating your app's creativity is. Believe that after reading this article, you will fully understand. In this article, my central idea is to guide and help you validate your ideas to achieve a dream of a successful application.

First, let's look at the steps involved in the validation process.


The most important step in validating creativity is to conduct research on the creative.

    • App Store: You need to go to the app Store to see if there's a competitor on the market, and if so, you can analyze the app's comments and ratings. In user reviews, you can look for improved space from the competition and improve your ideas as a whole.

    • Search Engine: Create a list of keywords that you can use to define your ideas. These keywords can be used by search engines to track similar applications. Keep track of traditional search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, based on the apps and websites shown in the keywords. Then search for these applications and try to list their strengths and weaknesses as much as possible.

    • Facebook group: Another place where you can find similar ideas is the Facebook group. Focusing on the groups that are relevant to your ideas can help you tap into the potential problems of competing products on the market and help you come up with innovative solutions. You can also join these groups to get a deeper understanding of your app's ideas and get a closer look at the needs of potential users.

Based on existing resource considerations

If there are too many competing products on the market

Once you have done your research, you need to decide whether your ideas are worth realizing. If you have a lot of good quality and competitive, then you might as well think about other ideas or try to find your unique selling point.

If the market is not competitive enough

If you find that there are not many applications competing in the market, you can move on. Discuss the idea with your friends and family, and record their comments and feedback. To get more real feedback, you can ask specific questions, such as the following:

    • Will you download this app?
    • Do you think this app is unique?
    • Have you ever used a similar application?

It's better to seek personal feedback than on social media. There are other factors, such as body language, tonal transformation, and so on, that can be used as a reference to assess the viability of your creative application.

Build a website

A lot of discussions with people will improve your application ideas. However, before you begin the core development process, you need to create a Web page that will showcase your app's profile before you apply it. This is a very powerful tool that can help you bring your app to market and increase its visibility. The website can be very simple, just provide the following basic information:

    • A brief description of the application, letting the target audience know the details and telling the user to wait patiently for the app to go live.
    • Mailing Address Collection table.
    • Ask the guest to leave an email address so your app can be notified when it's online. At the same time, you can get their feedback in the app development process. You can provide an opportunity to get closer to the development process for better marketing.
    • Screen: It's very effective to let users see your app in advance. Use of graphic design software to create an early prototype display application interface. After creating the basic interface, you can cut some graphs to help you express your application ideas in the best way possible.

You must create a landing page in which you cannot focus solely on the virtual host during this phase of the development process. Some tools make it easy to create professional landing pages within a few hours.

Share a website

It's a great promotion strategy to sell a Xiaoguanzi before the app goes live, to make users curious and eager about your app. It also helps to get useful feedback and make relevant improvements during the design phase.

Have mailing lists

If you already have a mailing list for your target audience, you can start informing them about the site where the app concept is presented.

No mailing list

If you don't have a mailing list for your target audience, then consider other ways, such as sharing your site on social media, searching for blogs and websites in your app's domain, and contacting their blogger or website owner. While these jobs do take some time, you must look for matching blogs and bloggers ' contact information. If your communication skills are professional, you will get the most authentic feedback.

Other promotional methods include paid advertising like Reddit,twitter,google,facebook.

Whichever way you choose to promote your app, you must ensure that your site visitors ' mailboxes are collected so that you can interact with them throughout the development process. Trust early-stage user feedback to help you create an impeccable app!

This article is compiled and collated by OneAPM engineers. OneAPM is an emerging leader in application performance management, enabling enterprise users and developers to easily implement slow program code and real-time crawling of SQL statements. To read more technical articles, please visit the OneAPM official blog.

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4 tips to teach you how to stand out in the App Store

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