4 ways to add long projection/shadow to text by Photoshop tutorial

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Want to design their own icons plus long projection style, here also provides an artifact, long projection PS action script download, only a little bit can be achieved fashion long projection style,

And so what, hurriedly inform the design of small friends!

2 characteristics of a long projection effect.

Each object of the design must have a flat, 2-D shadow, for the diagonal object, which makes the shadow long at least 2.5 times times the extension, which adds to the aggravating and dramatic design.

Shadows should be cast at a 45 degree angle, preferably towards the right. The color of the shadow can change in its dark background color, and in some cases fade into a transparent fill.

There are many effects that can be added to the adjustment, and it's all up to you to decide what you want the final result to be.

One, get your photoshop ready.

Step 1th creates a new 750 X 750 pixel document and fills the background color #cf3f30.

Step 2nd sets the foreground color to #e74c3c, picks the rounded Rectangle tool, selects the shape in the options bar, and sets the radius to 10.

Hold down the SHIFT key, and then click and drag to create a 450 X 450-pixel rounded rectangle.

The 3rd step is created in white text. In this tutorial, two different fonts are used, but you can use any text and fonts you like.

4th step As for the first line of text, the font used is Bebas and the font size is 100PT. While the font being used creates the second line of the Pacific, the font size 100, the leading value set to 100 is good.

Keep in mind that in general flat designs use simple, bold, crisp fonts.

Step 5th Select three levels you have this far, pick the Move tool, and then click the Align Horizontal Center icon options Bar to make sure all elements are centered correctly in the document.

Second, create a long shadow background using the shape layer

Step 1th Sets the foreground color to black and selects the Rectangle tool. Shift + click and drag to create a rectangle that covers almost the entire background. The new shape layer should be placed on the upper background layer on the right.

The 2nd step is to edit > Free transform (press Ctrl/cmd + T) to enter the free transform mode. Then, hold down the SHIFT key and rotate the black rectangle -45° (counterclockwise).

Step 3rd Now Click and drag the sides of the black rectangle until they reach the four corners of the red rectangle. Category:

    • PS Text Tutorial
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