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Photo Name: Bring up the photo soft blue-yellow-simple method

1, open the original material, press CTRL + J to copy a layer of background layer, point channel panel, select Blue Channel, Image > Application image, layer for background, blending for multiply, opacity 50%, reverse-phase hook,

2, back to the layers panel, create curve adjustment layer, blue channel: 44,182, red channel: 89,108

3. Create a new layer, fill the black, layer blending mode is a multiply, opacity is 60%, select the Ellipse Marquee tool selection in the middle, press CTRL + ALT + D feather, the value is 70, and then press DELETE key to delete, then hit the text, complete the final effect.

Photo Name: Beautiful red and yellow photos.

1, open the original material, CTRL + J to copy a layer of background layer, press CTRL + Shift + u Go color, execute: filter > Blur > Gaussian blur, value 4, layer blending mode to filter, layer opacity to 27%.

2. Create a new layer, press CTRL + ALT + Shift + e-stamp layer, and layer blending mode to color. 3, create gradient map adjustment layer, purple-orange, Alt+ctrl + G plus clip mask.

4, create brightness/contrast adjustment layer, -5,-21

5, create intelligent sharpening adjustment layer, set to default value, quantity 46, Radius 0.8, Gaussian blur,

6, create the color level adjustment layer, 8,1.00,255

7, create optional color adjustment layer, red: +17,-8,+16,0, Yellow: -54,0,+10,+18, White: -5,0,0,0,

Photo Name: Pull out the nostalgic scenery photos,

1, open the original image, copy a layer

2, curve adjustment, numerical rgb:109,99

3, Hue saturation, value: 0,-39,0

4, color balance, value: 0,0,-34

5, optional color, neutral color: 0,0,-20,0

6, new layer, fill d7b26c, Layer mode overlay, opacity 56%,

7, pull the cloud material into the picture, put it on the original, layer mode soft light, except the sky part of the wipe out, stamped layer (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E)

8, optional color, black: 0,0,-14,-5

9, new layer, fill 0D1D50, layer mode exclusion, duplicate a layer, fill 52%

10, curve adjustment, numerical rgb:128,155

11, color balance, Value: +24,+7,-64, fill 70%

12, color order, Value: 29,1.00,227, fill 58%

13, optional color, neutral color: +16,+12,-11,+5

14, stamped layer (ctrl+alt+shift+e), color balance, Value: +24,+7,-64, fill 38%

15, stamped layer (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E), opacity 46%, fill 48%,

16, Ctrl+e merge the visible layer, sharpen the

Photo Name: Younger people to deal with the delicate skin,

1. Copy the background layer. Filter-Blur-Gaussian blur, radius set to 10.

2. Set the blending mode of the layer to "color". Double-click the name on the right side of the layer to open the blending option. In advanced mixing, cancel the advanced channel of R and G,

3. Use the curve to balance the color image, according to the picture to decide

4. Create a new layer, select the repair brush (J), and select "Sample all Layers". For large freckles or stains, imitation removal.

5.ctrl+shift+alt+e, stamping all the layers, hook out the skin part, you can choose the appropriate method, I personally like the pen tool, of course, you can also use the Polygon Lasso tool, to note that the treatment is the skin, so to remove the eyes, eyebrows, lips, nostrils. The Ctrl+shift+i (remove) Removes the skin, the excess part.

6. Filter-Blur-Gaussian blur with a radius of 20. Set layer transparency to 75%

7.ctrl+j, copy Layer 3, filter-other-high contrast retention, radius 4, blending mode "linear light", opacity to 40

Photo title: "Magic" poster,

1. Open the original image, copy the largest contrast blue channel,

2. Then use the color scale to further increase the contrast, the purpose is only to make the stone level

3. Copy the adjusted blue channel copy into the layer and add your desired color to it, I use the dark orange

4. Copy the red channel of the bottom map to the layer, remove the sky and stone with the mask, keep only the grass, and add color to it with a gradient map

5. Open the material lightning ball, copy the most contrast red channel to just the file

6. Select the layer blending mode to overlay, adjust position and size, make it a light source, remove some superfluous things (decide for yourself), then deal with the radial emission blur filter to form the beam

7. Go to the channel inside copy the red channel of the bottom chart, strengthen contrast, let the high light part of the meadow be more obvious, then select the high light part to paste into the layer, fill with white, layer mode to overlay, and then use the mask to remove the white sky part, only to keep the grass part, so that the grass appears by the strong light illumination

8. Select the mask of Layer 1 and then reverse the selection, get the sky selection, add curves and hue/saturation adjustment layer, adjust your favorite color and purity according to your personal preference.

9. Finally add some poster elements, so that false posters look real, in the use of color, I try to choose the gold and the color of the stone embellishment, so that the color of the echoes between the categories:

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