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1. The better the relationship, the more likely it is to hurt you.

When talking to them, you can always automatically block those that do not like to listen. They are always clearer than you. When you meet people you used to like, they are always excited to call you quick watching. With a little secret, I always want to share it with them first. In fact, what cares about you most is always the one that hits you most.

2. The more scared things are, the more likely they will happen.

Your cell phone is packed in your pocket and you are afraid of being stolen on the bus. You can check whether your cell phone is still there. This action attracted the attention of thieves and eventually the mobile phone was stolen. Because of fear, you will be very concerned. The more concentrated you are, the more likely you are to make mistakes. This is the famous Murphy's theorem.

3. be unhappy and write it down

This is a pretty Method for dredging. Because the "write" action has the function of perceiving and consolidating thoughts. "Writing" can increase the emotional energy from an empty "subconscious" to a level of "consciousness", that is, from the original feeling of "My heart is surging" to "I know what's going on", anxiety decreases, and emotional healing starts.

4. Show off your inconfidence

Psychology believes that "love to others" is a manifestation of being affirmed by the heart, probably because something is not often exclusive to itself. Once possessed, hope to build confidence with envy from the outside world. If you don't share your happiness with others, will you be killed? If yes, I 'd like to ask why. Remember: Life is not acting, just be wonderful!

5. Women are nagging

Psychology research shows that men speak an average of 2000 words a day (the habit of hunting in ancient times), and women say 7000 words a day (the habit of women picking fruits and vegetables in ancient times ). One day at work, my husband's 2000 words were used up in the company. When she got home, she wanted to have a rest, while her wife had 5000 words not said, when I get home, I have to finish my words for a day before I can go to bed! Then many cups are generated like this!

6. Tears in sorrow contain harmful substances, which are equivalent to suicide.

People shed tears when they are sad, and the protein content is very high. This protein is a harmful substance produced by mental suppression. It accumulates in the body and is harmful to health. Expert research found that tears can ease the suppression of people. Cry, cry, not sin!

7. SMS reply speed

The speed at which a person likes your messages is proportional to the speed at which he sends messages to you. If your other half gets slower and slower, congratulations, you have been replaced, and the accuracy is very high!

8. Are you afraid of disturbing others?

Actually, this is not good! Compared with those who have helped you, those who have helped you are more willing to help you again. In other words, the best way to let others like you is not to help them, but to let them help you. If you want to get the favor of others, it is no harm to open your own mouth.

9. Change your mindset

Sum up all your misfortunes into one sentence and ask yourself, "Is this important to you three years later ?"

10. Gender Psychology

It is an emergency for a man to kiss a woman. It is a premeditated event for a woman to kiss a man. The latest study by female in France found that, in the subconscious, every woman wants to be held by a man she loves and squashed on the wall to give them more pleasure. According to expert analysis, most women regard kissing as an indispensable part of intimacy and are eager to experience the feeling of being valued and needed.

11. Management Psychology

For a person worth 8000 yuan, don't bargain, just pay him 7500 yuan. Even if 500 yuan is saved, it actually cools his mind. When there is a better chance, people will leave. On the contrary, if you pay him 10000 yuan, he will be able to sell for you twice. Remember, you 'd rather spend two people's money to hire a good person than two bad people.

12. The index finger is good in mathematics

The University of Bath spent seven-year-old children's right hand finger length, found that the "finger ratio" ring finger longer child, better mathematical performance. Children with long index fingers have excellent English scores. The calculation method can also be used for adult men and women. Adult women generally have a "finger ratio", that is, the length of the index finger and ring finger are equal, while adult men generally have a long ring finger.

13. Men with high IQ are more loyal to their partners

Jin zezhi, a chemistry expert, said that the average IQ of men who are loyal to their partners is 103, while that of men who are not loyal is 97. Men with higher IQ cherish the uniqueness of sexual relations. In the future, you can say this to the other party. If you are not loyal, you are mentally retarded!

14. About crying

88.8% of people can improve their mood when they cry. Only 8.4% of people feel worse when they cry. 70% of people do not hide from others when they cry. 77% of people cry at home; when is it easier to cry? 39% of crying occurs at night, from six o'clock P.M. to, which is the easiest time to cry.

15. Differences between men and women

Two men chase a woman and give up with the light-hearted one; two women chase a man and give up with the deep-hearted one.

16. Five misunderstandings of domestic education

① High Expectations lead to children's hopeless; ② excessive love leads to children's heartless; ③ frequent intervention leads to children's helplessness; ④ excessive protection leads to children's incompetence; ⑤ too many accusations make children helpless. Nature is the child's nature. Freedom is the child's nature. Killing nature and nature is the vitality and motivation for killing growth. Therefore, it is impossible to cultivate creative talents.

17. Getting fat if you sleep well

Sleep is insufficient and it is easy to gain weight. Sleep 5 to 5 everyday ~ The average number of people who slept 7-8 hours a day is 6-8 lbs. When normal sleep is deprived, the body will produce a lot of stress-resistant hormones to slow down the metabolism, and the appetite will increase the next day. If you must get up at in the morning, you 'd better go to bed around the night before. You can take a hot bath or read a novel before going to bed.

18. A husband's character can change his wife's appearance

Psychology research found that the appearance of a wife is closely related to her husband's character and his attitude towards his wife. A husband with a broad mind and less temper can accommodate his wife and enjoy full freedom. With such a husband, his wife will have smooth and delicate skin, not easy to grow acne and color spots, not easy to aging, often radiant.

19. Embrace each other from the back

Psychology believes that actively embracing each other on the back of the screen represents a kind of protection, indicating that the hug is willing to actively give the hug love and care. Therefore, using this sleep means that this person is willing to give you a promise of love, and this person will feel happy from this kind of active care and love.

20. Phantom shock syndrome


I always felt that my mobile phone was shaking (RINGING), and I spent half a day trying to pull it out, but I found that nothing happened.

21. Use subconscious power

Spend at least 10 minutes every day before you get up in the morning and think about it 10 minutes before you go to bed, because these two periods are the best time to enter your subconscious. So if you are eager for success, love, marriage, and so on, please imagine it during these two periods! Your subconscious gradually gives you confidence through imagination and leads you to get what you want.

22. Reverse Psychology

The psychologist FeNi Baker has done an experiment in which a graffiti prohibited sign is mounted in the men's bathroom. One warning is: "It is strictly prohibited to write randomly ". The other statement is in a gentle tone: "Please do not describe it randomly ". Then investigate the number of painted files in the restroom with a sign. As a result, the restroom of the brand "prohibit random painting" is mounted, which is more serious.

23. How do you know yourself?

People must clarify three questions: first, what you have, second, and third, what you can give up. For most people: What is there, it is easy to evaluate their current situation; what is needed, there is a clear idea in the heart; the most difficult is, don't know or don't dare to give up anything-This just determines whether the things you want can be truly realized, and no one can get everything without giving up.

24. A lying child is promising

Foreign studies have found that 50% of three-year-olds lie, 90% of all 4-year-olds lie, and almost all 12-year-olds lie. Lying is actually a sign of cognitive development. The more developed the cognitive function, the more advanced the lie technique is, because they have a way to lie. Children may lie in the early wisdom. These people are more likely to become leaders in the future.

25. pass happiness

A study published by the British Journal of Medicine shows that the influence of happy mood can be far beyond three levels of interpersonal relationships. Knowing people who are happy increases your chances of being happy by 15.3%. Knowing friends who have happy friends increases by 9.8%.

26. When the night comes, it is the most fragile time for a person, and the most crazy time for missing people.

When you care about a person, you will wonder if he cares about you too. As you like it, you are worried and sad. A person is really not alone. It is really lonely to miss someone.

27. Combination of husband and wife blood types

① Equality: A male-a female, O male-O female, AB male-AB female, and B male-B female;
② Love: O male-a female, B male-O female, a male-AB female, AB male-B female;
③ Management type: a male-O female, O male-B female, AB male-a female, and B male-AB female;
④ Complementary model: O male-AB female, AB male-O female, B male-a female, and a male-B female.

28. I suspect I have made a wrong answer. Can I change the answer?

After finishing the answer, I found that I didn't know which one to choose. Should I change the answer at this time? The survey shows that 55% of people think that changing the answer will damage the score, and only 15.5% think it will improve. But the actual situation is: 58% correct the answer, and only 20% change the correct answer, another 22% errors were corrected. Therefore, you may encounter this situation: change it!

29. Why do men not like opening up?

Psychologists have found that talking about the problem between partners can make men very uncomfortable. This is because, when a woman lists various problems between two people, the first thing a man experiences is a strong sense of shame, a feeling of failure to be competent for a partnership. He will unconsciously resist the resulting pain and protect his self-esteem in ways such as "avoidance.

Fall in love in 30 s and 8.2 s

Scientists believe that the first time men and women meet each other, the duration of attention determines whether they can fall in love. If a man pays attention to a woman for more than 8.2 seconds at the first meeting, he will not only be attracted, but may already fall in love.

31. Love Is Not 1 + 1 = 2, but 0.5 + 0.5 = 1

The two split their own personality and shortcomings, and then integrated to complete. Without mutual tolerance and tolerance, it is difficult for two people to become one.

32. Have you made such psychological adjustments?

① View people who are not able to do well; ② look down on people who do not want to do well; ③ think about things that do not want to do well; ⑤ think back things that are not able to get off quickly; 6. Swallow the breath; 7. Swallow the heart that you want to indulge. In fact, you don't need to do this all the time, but if you do this several times, you will: ① high emotional intelligence; ② higher positions; ③ higher wages; ④ more friends.

33. Seven dreams may indicate disease

① Dream of someone hitting your head: it is related to the brain's nervous system; ② hear strange sound in the dream: it is related to the auditory center; ③ dream of the trachea being stuck and suffocated: it is related to the respiratory system; ④ chasing in a dream: Related to the blood supply to the heart; ⑤ unstable path in a dream: Related to angina; ⑥ dream of falling from a height: Related to heart disease; 7 dream of Water Scene: Related to liver and gallbladder kidney.

34. Bay rules

If a piece of newspaper turns into a copy of 10 yuan, you will feel unacceptable. In comparison, the original 5000 Yuan Computer rose 50 yuan, and you will not have such a big reaction. The bay rules show that when a person experiences a strong stimulus, the stimulus that is then given becomes insignificant to him.

35. In fact, there are only 900 months in life!

In fact, you can draw a 30 × 30 table, and an A4 paper is enough. Every month, you can check in a grid. Your whole life is on this paper. Therefore, you will have a clear concept: how will your life be spent?

36. Nonsense is sometimes a dependency

In psychology, most people lose their temper only to people with security levels because they are within that security level. You subconsciously know that the other party will not leave you. Sometimes it is a dependency.

37. conflict strategies of lovers

① Do not tell right or wrong about everything. First, think differently to understand the potential motives of the other party and understand each other.
② Maintain proper psychological distance at ordinary times, and rely too close to audit the beauty fatigue.
③ Don't get used to complaining to each other and form a negative mindset, and try to solve the problem in a joke.
④ Tolerance. We are not saints, and there is no need to be overly picky about each other's behavior.
⑤ Respect each other and give them the reason for loving you.

38. Eight characteristics of top women

① There are large female qualities and small female feelings; ② major events are clear and trivial; ③ self-reliant and self-reliant; ④ can be gentle and watery, strong as steel; ⑤ like children; ⑥ go to the hall, into the kitchen; 7. Beauty, beauty; and romantic feelings.

39. Boys and girls have 6 basic love needs

The forms of love that boys need: trust, accept, gratitude, praise, approve, and encouragement;
The form of love a girl needs: caring, understanding, respect, loyal, considerate, and comforting.

40. female psychology

If a man takes the initiative to pack for you, put you in the road, take the initiative to pull the chair for you, do not feel this. This only shows that several of his girlfriends have taught him this. The woman who can remember him will always be the one who has changed him, not you. Therefore, the more detailed the perfect man, the more challenging it is for women.

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