401 No access to springboot-actuator monitoring

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Error when accessing sensitive information such as/beans

Tue Mar 21:18:57 gmt+08:00 2017
There is an unexpected error (type=unauthorized, status=401).
Full authentication are required to access this resource.

Application.properties Adding configuration parameters


ID Description sensitive (sensitive)
AutoConfig Displays a auto-configuration report showing all auto-configuration candidates and why they were applied or not applied True
Beans Displays a complete list of all spring beans in an app True
Configprops Displays a list of all @configurationproperties True
Dump Perform a thread dump True
Env Exposing properties from Spring configurableenvironment True
Health Show your app's health information (show a simple ' status ' when using an unauthenticated connection, access with an authenticated connection to show full details) False
Info Display any application information False
Metrics Display the current app's ' metrics ' information True
Mappings Displays an organized list of all @requestmapping paths True
Shutdown Allow apps to close gracefully (not enabled by default) True
Trace Display trace information (default to some HTTP requests that are up to date) True

I can't find the answer on the Internet or the official document.

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