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1. Solid Foundation-core java top priority) 2. What should be learned in addition to JAVA: 2.1 HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language, Hypertext Markup Language ). HTML is interpreted and rendered in the browser. Therefore, whether it is Microsoft's Windows series or Apple's Macintosh, HTML is available in browsers. 2.2 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is another powerful tool that developers need to pay attention to in Web development. CSS greatly improves the efficiency of Web page layout and layout. CSS allows you to flexibly set the color, Font, and image of text to separate the content from the display mode, which greatly enhances the maintainability of the Code. CSS does not care about the content to be displayed. It is only responsible for displaying the content of the webpage. by formulating different rules, the content of the webpage is formatted according to the uniform style. CSS is also interpreted and rendered by the browser, it can be embedded in HTML code or separately placed in a file suffixed with CSS. CSS, coupled with XML and JavaScript technologies, constitutes the most popular AJAX application technology in Web development. So if you are interested in AJAX, CSS will have to be very proficient. 3. AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is currently the most fashionable Web development technology. By improving the traditional Web request response mode, AJAX can update data without refreshing all pages. This greatly improves the user's Web experience and makes Web applications look like desktop programs. At the same time, the backend of AJAX is a Java platform or a Web platform such as PHP and. NET. 4. the Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JSF, and other EE frameworks use SSH and other frameworks, like standing on the shoulders of giants for development. Many basic and public work frameworks have been completed, in addition, the entire development model has been presented to developers. For example, the Struts framework implements the MVC design pattern. Without the Struts framework, developers can only write those codes by themselves during development. 5. structured Query Language (Structured) is developed specifically for relational database operations. SQL is also a programming Language, but does not want to use JAVA, c/C ++ and other programming languages face competition from other languages. SQL is the only recognized relational database processing language on the market, which is a required course for every developer. As a java ee developer, any commercial project developed in the work does not require database backend support. Although Java JDBC and other technologies such as JPA provide powerful interfaces and APIs for database operations, the SQL capability requirements are not lowered at all. If you want to become a master of JAVA, SQL must be an important factor restricting the upper limit of its capabilities. The actual situation is that SQL not only needs to be able to do so, but also has little skill, it is never possible to stay at the initial stage of efficient and simple addition, deletion, modification, and query of less than one hundred pieces of data. It must have advanced application capabilities such as joint search and nested search. 6. XML is a powerful language. Although its name is closely related to HTML, XML is far better than HTML in terms of its ability, and it can be used much more than HTML. In the development of Java EE, XML is widely used on the server. Whether it is Tomcat, GlassFish or Weblogic, the configuration files on the server are XML files. If you do not know much about XML, it is difficult to master these application servers. In addition, XML plays an indispensable role in SOA technology. For example, data in SOAP is transmitted in XML format. 7. Regular Expression. Regular expressions have unparalleled advantages in character string analysis and matching. For example, when developing a function to verify whether user input complies with the email address format, if you write directly, the work will be extremely heavy, and the use of regular expression processing will bring convenience that is not intended. Java provides related classes and methods for Regular Expression Processing, used for string pattern matching, search replacement, analysis, and other operations. Java EE developers should fully master these classes and methods, it is used in actual work to prevent other people from staying up late and developing bugs. 8. JavaScript is the most popular Web Client scripting language on the internet today. JavaScript plays an important role in dynamic and interactive Web pages. JavaScript has become the most popular scripting language, especially because of its outstanding performance in AJAX technology that is popular across the Web development industry. JavaScript script writing directly reflects the knowledge of Web Client development. Every Java EE developer should learn JavaScript Like java. JavaScript provides many advanced features, such as embedding execution scripts, injecting new method attributes, and Object-based programming, which must be mastered by developers...

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