42 most handsome moments for men [worth learning])

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1. When talking or thinking quietly. The man who is silent but focused on what you are talking about must have a rich heart. At this moment, the man seems to have a life magnetic field, which makes you think he is so cool.

2. Smile with half a mouthful of drinks. To respond to you, even if he has coffee or wine in his mouth, he will not throw. First, he will give you a positive and friendly smile. This kind of gentleman's manners, of course, it will make you feel warm and affection.

3. Finally, the fireworks head is destroyed with guilt. Just because of your appearance, he is smoking, and immediately welcomes you with this action, silent, but the action is very male, it is more than pulling a chair for you to take off your coat, more intimate and persuasive.

4. "I am doing it, you are free ". The man who said this on the wine table is awesome, but has no lack of tenderness and understanding. It seems that he can go through the fire for you, but his back is not cold at all.

5. "Do not answer the phone in the air ". When he called his girlfriend from afar on the street with his cell phone, the wind blew his face, and his eyes were very charming!

6. All of a sudden, strong drag you into your arms. There is no doubt that you cannot refuse the domineering power of a man by means of warmth.

7. Pull the tie in front of the mirror. At this time, the man is very serious, and there is a kind of childishness for a moment, which will stimulate the desire to store.

8. Whistle when you go downstairs. It is a beautiful melody that has become part of his memory. Women like to examine the lips and teeth of men. At that moment, he will satisfy you.

9. shrugged the shoulders innocently. I like to look at the body language of men at this time. Every detail makes you pity and love. "

10. some chewing gum men are cynical, especially NBA stars. They are always chewing gum in their spare time. It doesn't matter if they have a bit of "gum ".

11. sunning man lying on the beach. Do you have the impulse to bury your skin and eyes in the dark?
12. Suddenly drive your car and shake the window to smile at you. This is the beginning of many romantic stories.

13. Waiting in the cold wind, hands inserted in the pocket, high collar erected. At this moment, do you want you to be the one you want to wait.

14. Bend over and pat a dog with a tail. A caring man looks very comfortable.

15. The man who paid for the Bill said, "You don't have to look for it !"

16. When your hands change from behind your back to a rose, you will surely think that he is the best magician. Maybe he cannot change the wind direction, but it can change your mood.


17. He ran in a naughty manner because he had the cake you had left in his hand and he always liked to share your leftovers.

18. His face was full of hot sweat when he was doing push-ups. Very masculine.

19. come to you with a basketball. Aliyilong will always bring you excitement.

20. The pause before the inaugural speech looked at the audience. Man in the air is awesome.

21. Watching you in bad ways is very warm. This kind of eye compliment is a deep laser touch.

22. smile brightly. The key is to reveal two rows of white and fresh teeth. Women's lips and men's teeth are all sexy weapons.

23. Forehead. This is the wrinkle of thinking or questioning. If a man over 35 years old has no forehead, it is as if his grandmother has no white hair. If there is a high-spirited word "Chuan" at Meiyu, there will be more content.

24. Run or stride. Because haomai is also confident.

25. When a man shave. White foam, very imaginative space, bright Chin, if there is a beauty gap, it is a kind of will let a woman send a sharp mechanical man wish small?

26. The man is changing the light bulb or dingtalk. Men with strong hands-on ability have a sense of sureness.

27. teach the children to study and play the piano (except for formal teachers ). So many ladies will have a crush on their children's piano teachers for this reason.


28. Shake hands with you with your gloves, but your hands are not wet.

29. Happy to promise you to win stars or go through the fire.

30. When a man makes a quick decision. Most afraid of men dragging water, of course, except bed activities.

31. When a man is wearing a helmet. A strange kind of junlang.

32. Kissing man. At that moment there is a greedy charm, as if to cover the sky with one hand, swallowed up the world alone.

33. A man shot with a single gun. If he is bald, the effect will be better.

34. laugh at yourself and make you smile.

35. Wear a pair of jeans without a belt. Of course, the abdominal muscles must be developed.

36. It was a tense and resolute face. "Force" is a man's "third" nature.

37. Good time to seduce you. A man who cannot seduce is incomplete.

38. Throwing your coat away is almost a time to throw at you.

39. trembling to lack of oxygen. At this time, you will surely have a lofty ideal: to extinguish the fire for him!

40. bet with him, he lost again. At this moment, he is very cute. He is the result of your victory.

41. He said that when he does not love you, this charm is the most toxic. be careful that it is.

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