4399 Written examination

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Today 20150607 14:30 take 4399 of the written test, the total time is 16:30 (for development), if for planning 16:00; First fill out a job table, then it is 20 choice questions + 20 fill-in Questions + 2 programming questions + 1 attachment questions:

The order of the stacks, that is, what sort of order is there for a stack;

The traversal of the binary tree, the relationship between the node of the binary tree and the parent node.

Sorting algorithm: Insert sort, select sort, quick sort, merge sort, and its time complexity and space complexity;

How to insert a node for a linked list;

The connection structure of a network: a ring or other type;

A company has applied for a class C address with 6 subsidiaries, and the largest subsidiary has 26 computers, asking where its subnet mask is set up;

1024*1024 resolution how many byte bit plane number is 24 frame cache;

A macro is defined as a product of two numbers;

For a string array pointer to sizeof and strlen how to calculate;

A family has two children, already have a girl, the other is a girl's probability (both sexes are known to be 1/2);

The value corresponding to the drw-in Linux;

Programming Questions: Use C language to write string copy function, cannot use library function, use string2 to replace substring in string string1;

Additional questions: There are n children, and there is a weight (known), required: 1. Each child has at least one sugar, 2. Children with high weights have more sugar than their neighbours ' children. Q: How much sugar do I need at least? As well as thinking, the corresponding time and space complexity.

Ps:1.linux's command post

2. Data structure, Tsinghua University Press

3. Life Design Guide for Science students, Tsinghua University Press

4. Mobile phone written test

5. Stroll, not the frog

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4399 Written examination

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