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1 .. eat late at night. Stomach Cancer occurs because the stomach cannot rest.
2 .. You can only eat four eggs a week. eat too much. It is not good for your body.
3 .. the buttock contains carcinogens. Do not eat it well.
4 .. after the meal, you can eat the fruit in the morning. It should be before the meal.
5 .. when a girl comes, don't drink tea. It's right if you don't like tea.
Eat more things with blood available
6 .. do not add quail eggs or sugar when drinking beans. Do not drink too much.
7 .. do not eat tomato on an empty stomach.
8... wake up in the morning. Have a cup of water first.
9 .. don't eat things three hours before going to bed.
10 .. drink less milk tea. Because of the high volume of milk, high oil, and no milk tea value
High risk of diabetes mellitus.
And Other Diseases
11 .. the bag that has been exported should not be eaten immediately!
12. Charge the power station. The human body should score more than 30 public points. Do not put it in bed.
13. Drink eight cups of water every day
14. 10 glasses of water a day. Bladder cancer will not come
15. drink more water during the day and less water at night
16. Do not drink more than two cups of coffee a day. drinking too much may lead to insomnia, stomach
Pain points
17 .. eat less food with more fat because it takes 5 ~ 7 hours to digest and
In which the blood is concentrated in the stomach. Easy to faint
18. After five o'clock in the afternoon, eat less and eat less meals, because the body does not need to be so nice after five o'clock.
19. 10 fast-moving foods: Deep-Sea bread, bananas, grapefruit, all
Steamed Bread, spinach, garlic, pumpkin, low-fat ox
Milk, pork, peach
20. Sleep becomes dumb. You must sleep eight hours a day and have a nap.
Not old
21. The optimal sleep time is between 10 o'clock in the evening ~ AM
22. Do not drink more than one cup a day, because alcohol can inhibit artificial anti-Bot
Cellular B increases the chance of bacterial infection
23. Take the capsule and swallow it with cold water (you can take the first one), before going to bed at 30 minutes
Server guard. Do not lie down immediately
24 .. sour plum to prevent aging, youth forever; liver fire hair patients should be more
25. Drop factors: stay up late, Li, Li JIU, Li Xiang Xing. spicy food.
Things. traditional dishes
26 .. helping the hair grow: Eat More bread, egg. beans; eat less sweets (especially
It is fructose)
27. A cup of hazelnut juice, orange juice, can not only skin whitening but also fade
Black Spot
28. The result is a good day for drivers, gentlemen, and family owners.
A hacker can make himself have a dry job
Lung of Vivo
29 .. smoking and eating his life (B Hu Xiaosu-a) will lead
Cancer, early quit, is the best practice
30 .. five periods for women not to drink tea: months, pregnancy, before birth.
After birth, menopause
31 .. smoking, lung cancer, lip cancer, tongue cancer, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer,
It is also related to bladder cancer
32. Liver cirrhosis caused by alcohol-induced liver cancer
33. Oral Cancer and oral cancer may be caused by oral cancer.
34. The food is refined, and there is a lack of hazelnut fat. It contains a large amount of fat, especially cholesterol.
Will lead to the development of gastric cancer
35. When the food is too rough and there is not enough, it may cause esophageal cancer and gastric cancer.
36. toxiotoxin in foods. All the nitric acid products are carcinogenic.
37 .. no smoking. No smoking
38! .. Batch of liquor, not long. Not drunk
39. Eat less spiced, smoked, and grilled food
40. Fetch fresh vegetables and fruits every day
41. Retrieve the five classes and beans that are rich in high-risk charts every day.
42. Take a balanced amount of food each day.
43. Strong in mind. Not fat
44. Maintain the life and operation of the Rules
45. Keep yourself happy.
46 .. check whether the food is like an emperor in the morning, a civilian at noon, or a late evening.
It's like a beggar

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