485 problems caused by isolated power supply

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485 parts of a recent project have been problematic and, eventually, due to the power supply system, the situation is as follows:

MCU TTL-232 signal after ADUM1211 bus isolation chip and interface board communication, 485IC power supply with recom 2405DC-DC, output of 5 and 485GND, of which 485 local modules using 485GND network copper, eventually found unable to communicate.

Cause Analysis:

1 just started to think of a possible TTL reference to the problem so jump ground, the results can send and receive, but after a few minutes the system will crash.

2 later will be recom DC-to remove, directly refer to the bus isolation chip back end of the power box, the wood and then appear in the crash.


In the communication should be noted that the signal line of reference power and signal to the correct, so that the signal line has a reliable reference level. Use isolated power supplies with caution.

485 problems caused by isolated power supply

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