49 Life details to determine success or failure _ Classic NET Pick

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1 stick to the back of the other people say good word
2 say "Good morning" to the people around you every day.
3 consecutive overtime, but also to be full of spirit
4 Don't let anyone know about the past.
5 use "we" as often as you speak.
6 Questions to ask and not to ask
7 When someone speaks ill of others in front of you, don't interrupt.
8 more people, less talking.
9 shake hands with a person, can hold a moment more
10 is not your credit, don't take possession of it
11 Try not to borrow money from friends
12 Don't promise easily
13 when the boss is wrong, you should know how to deal with it.
14 It's a bad habit to interrupt people casually.
15 Don't dress better than your boss.
16 proactively report on your work
17 to be Thankful
18 Don't make fun of talking about other people's shortcomings
19 Consider 3 minutes more
20 do not want to cause harm to themselves, should pay attention to the discretion
21 work time and work time
22 Find a way to let the boss know what you've done.
23 Don't forget to clap for yourself anytime
24 Collect information and digest information
25 more self-criticism, less self praise
26 don't make any excuses for your mistakes.
27 Think you know who you are.
28 don't react negatively to criticism
29 and frankly don't know about things that they don't know
30 to be heartless, to be sentient to man
31 When you talk to your boss, turn off your phone.
32 Don't hang up the phone when you call the customer
33 When you find excuses to refuse, be as vague as possible.
34 met the boss, actively welcome up to talk about a few words
35 prepare a summary in the report to the boss
36 don't occupy a piece of paper or a pen from the company
37 Use "Daily Memo" at work
38 don't flaunt yourself in front of friends
39 Keep your desk neat and orderly
40 If you can stick to work, don't ask for leave.
41 before doing things, think of a good result
42 Learn to appreciate opponents in competition
43 When you receive extra work, don't complain.
44 last night a few more minutes of preparation for a few hours of trouble today
45 appear in public places to keep tidy
46 to ask the boss before, think about the solution of the problem beforehand
47 do the wrong thing and apologize immediately.
48 to learn to tell a white lie
49 to arrive a few minutes ahead of date.

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