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 5G network with how fast 4G network 5G Network contrast

Recently posted on the Internet that 5G network can download 30 movies 1 seconds, so that everyone feel very magical, then 5G network in the end what kind of it? Below everyone and green tea small beans together to see the Southeast University experts to answer it.

"1 seconds to the next 30 movies, this speed is a little weird." "Southeast University of Information science and engineering experts concerned about this report," I read the English data, temporarily did not find a record of the entire experimental process of the article, do not know what technology they use to achieve, can not determine whether the real implementation. ”

The professor explained that 5G, the fifth generation of mobile communication technology, is the extension after 4G. At present, 5G technology is still in the early stage of research, until last year the industry had a preliminary standard. Samsung is the world's first 5G core technology mobile transmission network, is expected in the future 5G network transmission rate of up to 10Gbps, which means that mobile phone users in the hardware performance allows less than a second time to complete a high-definition movie download. "This goal has been the industry's initial recognition." "In this way, the data released by scientists at the University of Surrey in the UK are 100 times times faster than the 5G target in the laboratory," he said. "From the existing technology, it is unthinkable." ”

How fast will 5G technology be in the future? Experts explained that although 5G is an extension of 4G, but unlike 4G, 3G, 2G, 5G is not a single wireless access technology, but a real sense of the fusion network.

"5G network transmission rate up to 10Gbps, which refers to the best in the network to reach the peak, is an ideal value." Most of the cases cannot be achieved. "For ordinary users, the 5G also has a minimum transmission rate standard, which is the slowest speed," he said. With the popularity of 4G mobile phones, mobile phone speed greatly improved, under different circumstances, the speed difference is large, "in densely populated places to point to video is very difficult." "In the 5G era, the speed of transmission is as slow as 100 megabytes per second." What is this concept? " The current family broadband monthly divide several kinds, has 2 trillion, 4 trillion, 10 trillion, 10 trillion calculate relatively fast, 5G the slowest transmission speed than ordinary broadband at least 10 times times faster. Clicking on the video will not show the phenomenon of jam again. ”

Experts said that the transmission rate is only one aspect of 5G research technology, compared with 4G network, 5G Network is not only a higher transmission rate, but also in the transmission of low latency, high reliability, low-power characteristics, in the future will be in the internet of Things "Shinton".

"30 Movies A second ... Then who's my traffic? "" According to this speed, 5G of traffic is rushing, the charges are unbearable Ah! 5G technology yesterday became a popular word online, many netizens look forward to high-speed Internet at the same time, worry about high tariffs cannot afford. Although the network speed from 3G to 4G has been greatly improved, but due to the cost restrictions, many people do not dare to open their hands and feet with 4G, "can rub on the WiFi when the rub."

However, the relevant experts in the east, 5G business there is a long period of time, it is too early to talk about tariffs, currently cannot be expected. According to the introduction, according to the plan, 5G Standard 2020 completed testing, and gradually to the market.

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