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Many friends in the purchase of 4G smartphone, often may encounter such nouns, five-mode 13-frequency, five-mode 17-frequency, dual 4G, mobile 4G, Unicom 4G. What exactly do these nouns mean? What's the difference between them?

In fact, these statements are actually compared with the Chinese characteristics of the argument, because China has three operators, and the Chinese mobile operators have our national proprietary TD Technology network, all have five models of the argument. Today I'll talk to you about 4G network.

  One, what is five mold?

First say five die is a chip to support Td-lte, Fdd-lte, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, GSM five different modes of communication, currently only Qualcomm can produce such mobile phone chips, so at present a very sad reminders of the current situation is that domestic mobile phone manufacturers every shipment of a mobile phone, In addition to paying Qualcomm chip fees, but also according to the mobile phone retail price of 5-6% as a licensing fee to Qualcomm, many friends will be called Qualcomm "China's chip tax bureau."

  Second, what is 2G/3G/4G?

In addition, GSM is mobile and Unicom 2G,TD-SCDMA is mobile 3G,WCDMA is a mobile 4g,fdd-lte is the 3g,tdd-lte is another kind of the world's 4G, the future may also be unicom and China Telecom will use 4G network. Note that Fdd-lte is a possible network technology for China Unicom and Chinese telecom, so if you buy a mobile phone that does not support the Fdd-lte network, it may not support China Unicom and Telecom's 4G network later. Although China has not yet issued a Fdd-lte licence, it will be released sooner or later.

 Three, what is 13 frequency?

13 frequency is the front of the mobile phone support of the five-mode subdivision, can be understood as each model has divided into different bands, the following is 2G, 3G, 4G supported by different frequency bands.

1, 2G Network


2, 3G Network (WCDMA/TD)

Wcdma:2100mhz/1900mhz/850mhz (China Unicom 3G)

Td-scdma:1880-1920mhz/2010-2025mhz (China Mobile 3G)

3, 4G Network

Tdd-lte:1900mhz/2300mhz/2600mhz (China Mobile 4G)

Fdd-lte:1800mhz/2600mhz (4G of China Unicom and Telecom in the future)

Dual 4G In fact and five-mode 13-frequency is a means to support five-mode 13-frequency mobile phone, that is, support China Mobile and Unicom's 2G, 3g,4g network, that is, double 4G. Such a mobile phone as long as the mobile card, is to support the mobile 2G, 3G, 4G network, if the Unicom card, support Unicom 2G, 3G, 4G network, it is omnipotent.

What is the difference between the four and 13/17 frequencies?

In fact, the frequency of network system, refers to each of the network frequency bands, the country has divided several different bands, so that they run in different frequency bands, do not interfere with each other. Colloquially speaking, like the radio, the different frequencies are different stations. Mobile networks are like radios in different frequencies, running on different frequencies.

The frequency of the five-frequency 13-frequency aspect supports Td-lte band38/39/40,lte FDD BAND7/3,TD-SCDMA band34/39,wcdma band1/2/5,gsm BAND2/3/8, which are 13 frequencies.

17 frequency, more than 13 frequency to five frequency bands, respectively, for Tdd-lte band38/39/40/41,lte FDD BAND1/3/7,TD-SCDMA band34/39,wcdma band1/2/5/8,gsm.

China's operators are divided into different frequencies, and many carriers in many countries in the world also divide different bands. The more the mobile phone support frequency, the more network support, the better the roaming of mobile phones.

For example, China's 4G mobile phone, which runs at 1900MHz in China, may need to run on 2200MHz frequencies when it roams to the United States, and in France it may need to run at the 1800MHz frequency.

Therefore, the mobile phone for a variety of frequency support seems particularly important. Otherwise, it would be a big problem if China's mobile phones were exported abroad if they did not support the local network format.

 Small Series Summary:

In general, the vast majority of the five-mode mobile phone can be universal, because the five models and 13 frequency bands are already universal, as long as your mobile phone is five-mode 13 frequency or 4G, can basically achieve global access.

Need to note that there are a lot of profiteers often five mode of ten-frequency or three-mode eight-frequency when the double 4G to fool users. So know more about the network system knowledge, for you to buy mobile phone when it is helpful.

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