4G era, so that every grain of sand has an IP address

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Ten years ago, the discussion about IPV6 had begun. After all, with the increase of access network equipment, IP address is not enough. But to this day, IPv6 still not really landed.

What is IPV6? Most commonly speaking, is to let every grain of sand have an IP address. With an IP address, you can find this grain of sand on the Internet.

However, for such a long time, why IPv6 delayed landing?

December 5, the first GITC global Internet technology Conference, China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) Deputy director, Deputy Chief engineer Jin Yu to the author about the root cause: the domain name and IP address as the representative of the Internet infrastructure is facing a huge challenge.

We now use the second generation of Internet IPv4 technology, the core technology originated in the United States, its biggest problem for the network address Resources Limited, addressing 16 million networks, 4 billion hosts, but in the adoption of a, B, C three class address method, the number of available network addresses and host address is greatly reduced, The IP address was allocated on February 3, 2011. Insufficient address seriously restricts the application and development of Internet in many countries, so it is imperative for IPv4 to transition to IPV6.

But in terms of quantity, if IPv6 become the mainstream of the Internet domain name distribution system, DNS (domain name resolution System) to deal with the data is more, although IPV6 solves the problem of network address and resources, but also the problem of maintaining security is more complex.

In addition, 4G licences have been issued, a variety of mobile terminals have begun to apply the 4G card. The increase of 4G bandwidth will undoubtedly lead to the development of the Internet of things and more mobile terminals. The rapid development of the mobile internet has led to faster use of the network, and thus higher requirements for DNS.

In addition to technical requirements, mobile phone terminal Internet security issues have been more and more on the agenda, before the Chinese landing in the Apple App Store download slow situation, there are programmers to share the tool to speed up the download speed of the software, download speed, although accelerated, but also a security risk. Mobile phone to solve security problems, the future will still be based on DNS to solve, mobile phone according to DNS to do personalized application, the way of domain protection in the Internet in the process of the mobile phone protection.

Not only mobile terminal Internet demand, mobile payment is now developing rapidly, with mobile phone payment is imperative. In addition, supermarkets in the POS machine, can also be set by IP and IP protection to make the customer's payment more convenient, supermarket accounts storage is also more secure.

In the past, the endless DNS attacks make network security full of hidden trouble, "5.19 Off network Events", China has a wide range of network failures. Jiangsu, Hebei, Shanxi, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Guangdong and other provinces have netizens to reflect the failure of the Web page can not open, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information technology, Communication and Security Bureau issued a notice, confirmed that the cause of the incident is the Storm website domain name resolution system by the network attack failure, The recursive domain name resolution server of the telecom operation Enterprise is caused by a large number of exception requests and congestion.

But how can i solve the problem of IP address and network security? Jin Yu that the full use of the domain name application and network primary communication services DNS system and data, not only can improve the stability of DNS services and Internet operation, but also can fully improve the Internet on the various products and services, so as to create a better product and user experience.

According to Jin Yu, the new gTLD program is now being implemented gradually, and the domain name is beginning to enter the personalization era. In addition, the value of the Domain name resolution entry appears, competitors constantly influx, new products continue to market. As for the frequency of DNS attacks, the scale of the continuous upgrade, DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extension Protocol) in the global speed of implementation of the pace of attack and defense methods continue to upgrade, DNS security has become a new hotspot of network security.

As our country domain name registration Administration organization and the domain name root server operation organization, considers the future DNS will continue to play the important role in each domain, CNNIC proposed "Big DNS" the concept. The so-called "Big DNS", that is, the new era of DNS, to be able to respond to the Internet applications, Internet technology, the Internet, the basic resource of the new changes put forward by the latest needs, but also make full use of these new changes brought about by the tools and means to support the next generation of Internet development, and innovative applications, to help people

Jin Yu also said that in order to combat the ongoing DNS attacks, Bigdns is to join the industry, together for a DNS security given a solution, through more accurate interception and filtering of malicious domain names, to maintain network security.

DNS is the basis of the network operation, is the data in the data, DNS security bearer of the entire Internet security source of responsibility.

After the advent of 4G, the mobile internet will be more explosive, IoT is also surging, into the commercial cloud computing and the possible acceleration of the triple network convergence and broadband China strategy, need to have more network infrastructure technology support.

Overall, the future of DNS to process and accommodate more data, but also more secure and stable. In the future, the traditional IP address allocation service will also transition to the mobile side, the traditional "public" IP allocation service is more and more to the individual private IP transition.

4G era, perhaps every grain of sand, really will have their own IP address.

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4G era, so that every grain of sand has an IP address

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