4.VC button Display Picture

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1. Method 1: Load bitmap display, the disadvantage is: the picture fixed size, does not automatically stretch

// Import a bitmap in the resource file, such as Idc_bitmap1 // set the Bitmap property of the button to TRUE // . cpp New // Create a Picture object // load a picture from a resource  = (hbitmap) pbitmap->// button Display Picture

2. Method 2 Self-draw button in DrawItem

//set the Owner Draw property of the button to true//overloaded virtual function On_wm_drawitem-ondrawitem in parent windowvoidXxxdlg::ondrawitem (intNidctl, lpDrawItemStruct lpdrawitemstruct) {    //TODO: Add Message Handler code and/or call default values here    if(Nidctl = =Idc_button2) {        //Draw a button frameUINT Ustyle =Dfcs_buttonpush; //did you press down?        if(Lpdrawitemstruct->itemstate &ods_selected) {Ustyle|=dfcs_pushed;        } CDC DC; dc. Attach (lpDrawItemStruct-HDC); dc. Drawframecontrol (&lpDrawItemStruct->RcItem, Dfc_button, Ustyle); //Output Textdc. SelectObject (&M_font); dc. SetTextColor (RGB (0,0,255));        CString StrText; StrText= _t ("Sylar Test"); dc. TextOut (lpDrawItemStruct->rcitem.left + +, Lpdrawitemstruct->rcitem.top + -, StrText); //whether to get focus        if(Lpdrawitemstruct->itemstate &Ods_focus) {            //Draw a dashed boxCRect Rcfocus = lpdrawitemstruct->RcItem; Rcfocus.deflaterect (3,3); dc. DrawFocusRect (&Rcfocus); }        return; } cdialogex::ondrawitem (Nidctl, lpdrawitemstruct);}//font SettingsCFont M_font;m_font. CreatePointFont ( -, _t ("Song Body"), NULL);

3. Method 3 inherits the CButton class and implements it by itself.

4.VC button Display Picture

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