5 Big AR Apps spy on mobile future ~ Have you seen it?

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Summary : As wearable devices continue to heat up, especially with the advent of Google Glass, AR Technology again into our sight. The following trailing Devstore Small series look at these 5 excellent AR applications, there are wood flashing to your eyes ~

The mobile developer's Choice of AR development tools is still a lot more, just the mainstream or a few Qualcomm launch of the Vuforia SDK. It supports iOS, Android platforms, and provides Vuforia extensions for users of the Unity 3D engine. The new version number Vuforia3.0 features both smart terrain and HD camera. The world's leading brands now have more than 9,500 Vuforia applications covering campaigns, stores, consumer goods, event venues and mobile games.

The following small part of the simple to introduce 5 excellent vuforia based on the development of AR application, I would like to help the vast number of mobile developers to broaden their thinking.

McDonald ' s gol!

McDonald's has developed an AR mini-game in response to the World Cup. After the user enters McDonald's gol!, uses the mobile phone camera to aim at the new packaging, the desktop moment will turn into the football field, and the potato chip packaging will turn into the goal, you can endorse for your favorite team, shot, scores, lets the team in the global social rankings unceasingly climb.

Toyota AR

Toyota has been making a sports car since 1965, and in 2012, Toyota 86 inherited the company's sports car gene, officially available, in order to penetrate the young market, Fuerte International used Vuforia for Toyota to develop an AR game. By taking pictures of the "Made to thrill" theme on the camera, a Toyota 86 will appear, and with the joystick, you can control its acceleration, cornering, and drift.

Anatomy 4D

AR is not only a new way of entertainment, but also suitable for entertaining. Using the unity and vuforia extension to develop an anatomical teaching application, because it is an AR application developed in unity, DAQRL can directly deploy the application to Android, iOS two platforms, the user can view the blood flow, blood vessels, myocardium, ventricle and other details, You can also choose to hide some of the layers and see the workings of some parts of the heart separately.

Moosejaw X-Ray

"Perspective beauty" want this kind of paper ~ Clothing retail store Moosejaw want to let a lot of other people pay attention to their own, let everyone participate in black Friday activities, so I came up with an AR application, so that we can see the brochure model wearing underwear sample paper. This app captures the user's "snooping" mentality. Because of this application, Moosejaw in black Friday sales rose 62%.


This is a kind of education AR application. Just aim for a card that has a chemical name and chemistry, and the cell phone or tablet interface shows a solid molecular structure. If you think this app can show that the chemical reaction process is not better?

Small series have to marvel at the magic of AR technology, the powerful combination of the actual situation, it seems like magic, small series believe that not only in the entertainment, the future, it will be more widely used in military, medical, manufacturing and maintenance and many other fields.

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