5 programming languages best suited for AI development

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"IT168 review" since last year, Alphago played all the world chess players without opponents, Ai's thunder has been no one can. At just past IT leaders Summit, bat three big guys are optimistic about the future development of artificial intelligence. Earlier this year, Baidu made a big gesture, in the medical field betting on artificial intelligence, so at this summit, Li also issued a claim that the Internet is an appetizer, artificial intelligence is the main course.

AI is a very broad field, many programming languages can be used in artificial intelligence development, it is difficult to say which AI must be developed in which language. The choice of many also means that there are pros and cons, not every programming language can save developers time and effort. So we've compiled 5 more programming languages that are suitable for AI development, and hope to be of some help to you.

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Because of its ease of use, Python is one of the most widely used programming languages in the field of AI, and it can be used seamlessly with data structures and other commonly used AI algorithms.

Python is an AI project that is actually a lot of useful libraries based on python that can be used in AI, such as

NumPy provides scientific computing power, scypy advanced Computing and Pybrain machine learning.

In addition, Python has a large number of online resources, so the learning curve is not particularly steep.


Java is also a good choice for AI projects. It is an object-oriented programming language that focuses on providing all the advanced features required on AI projects, is portable, and provides built-in garbage collection. In addition, the Java community is also a plus, and a rich community ecosystem can help developers find and solve problems anytime, anywhere.

For AI projects, the algorithm is almost a soul, whether it is search algorithm, natural language processing algorithm or neural network, Java can provide a simple coding algorithm. In addition, the extensibility of Java is also one of the necessary functions of AI project.


Lisp has emerged in the AI field for its excellent prototyping capabilities and support for symbolic expressions. As a language designed for artificial intelligence, Lisp is the first declarative system of functional programming language, which differs from the structured programming language of C, Fortran and object-oriented Java, C #, and so on in the command-line process.

The Lisp language is mainly used in machine learning/ILP areas because of its usability and symbolic structure. In his book Artificial intelligence:a modern Approach, the famous AI expert, Peter Norvig, explains in detail why Lisp is one of the top programming languages developed by AI, Peter Novich Interested friends can see for themselves.


Prolog and Lisp are comparable in usability, according to the article "Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence", Prolog a logical programming language, mainly programming some basic mechanisms, It is very effective for AI programming, for example, it provides pattern matching, automatic backtracking, and tree-based data structure mechanisms. Combining these mechanisms can provide a flexible framework for AI projects.

Prolog is widely used in AI's expert systems and can also work on medical projects.


C + + is the world's fastest object-oriented programming language, and its ability to communicate at the hardware level enables developers to improve program execution time. C + + is sensitive to time, which is very useful for AI projects, for example, a search engine can use C + + widely.

In AI projects, C + + can be used for statistics, such as neural networks. In addition, the algorithm can be widely implemented in C + +, in which AI is encoded primarily with C + + for faster execution and response times.

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In fact, the choice of programming language for AI projects, in fact, depends largely on sub-field, the choice of programming language to start from the overall situation, can not only consider some functions. In these programming languages, Python is becoming the first trend in AI programming language because it is suitable for most AI sub-field, and Lisp and Prolog are very effective in some AI projects because of their unique functions, and their status is temporarily hard to shake. The advantages of Java and C + + will continue to be maintained in the AI project.

5 programming languages best suited for AI development

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