5 Kinds of confinement nourishing and health care recipes

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5 Kinds of confinement nourishing and health care recipes

Confinement recipe--black glutinous rice wine boiled egg with brown sugar

Ingredients: Crucian Carp 1 strips (about 250g), tofu 400g

Function: Crucian Carp, also known as the head of fish, meaning that the child is pregnant when eaten. Crucian carp is rich in nutrition and has good milk-stimulating effect, which has a good tonic effect on the body recovery of the mother. With the use of tofu, Yiqi nourishing blood, spleen-wide, tofu is also rich in nutrition, containing high protein, for postpartum rehabilitation and milk secretion has a good role in promoting.

Materials: Papaya 750 grams, peanuts 150 grams, jujube 5 tablets, 3/2 pieces of sugar.

Materials: 1 pigeons, 10 grams of white fungus, 150 grams of lean meat, dates 3.

Milk recipe Therapeutic Effect: Son ribs with meat, for nourishing strong health jiapin, yellow bean sprouts to relieve the spleen and stomach qi. The two combine to cook the juice, the soup is delicious and has the function of stimulating milk.

Chloasma Raw materials: Pork sub-row 500 grams, fresh yellow bean sprouts 200 grams, onion, ginger appropriate amount, cooking wine 50 grams, salt, msg each amount.

Production method: The sub-row, into the boiling water, rinse with water, put in a frying pan or pot, put water 300 grams, put cooking wine, onion knot, gingko, with the fire boiling, instead of simmer for 1 hours, put yellow bean sprouts, with stir boil, switch to simmer for 15 minutes, put the right amount of salt, msg, pick out onions, After consumption, mainly thirsty soup.

Operation Essentials: After the yellow bean sprouts boil system can remove not to eat.

5 Kinds of confinement nourishing and health care recipes

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