5 major factors for project success

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① The correct management method although any set of management methods prove to be absolutely correct, if a project is to be successful, it still needs the correct management method. A management method may have shortcomings, but it is not perfect, but it can be used as long as it is correct. Correct management methods should include correct project objectives, reasonable development plans, and reasonable assignment of responsibilities. The correct management method can reduce the number of detours for the project, which is the prerequisite for ensuring the success of the project. ② A complete development framework and a complete development framework can reduce the workload of siege teachers and simplify their work. For projects with a tight development cycle, A complete development framework is a key factor for project success. ③ Not every project will be on fire, but only when it is on fire can it be reflected. These it rescue teams are different from ordinary rescue teams. Even if this project does not need him for the time being, he will not be idle. He will stay in other projects and wait for him at any time. Generally, only when the project cycle is delayed or the project cycle is shortened will these rescue teams appear. In addition, only some large companies have such a rescue team because it is costly. ④ Technology takes a company and a project, there are always a few technical advantages, your project can be successfully delivered. In most cases, although the attitude of tech experts is not very good and communication is not so smooth, they are experts who can solve various problems that others cannot solve and solve problems for the project. Not every project has a fire-fighting team. When a project encounters frequent problems, the fire-fighting team may not be able to arrive in time. Therefore, if the project is to succeed, the technology is essential. ⑤ Harmonious team although I have never experienced a project failure caused by an incompatible team, I heard about the project failure caused by the discord of a project. Later, the project was identified by XXX as one of the top ten worst projects. When the team is in an incompatible situation, it should be resolved as soon as possible. The reason is that a non-harmonious team may delay the project even if the project fails. Although there are few non-harmonious teams, once this happens, it will be fatal to the project.

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