5 new Linux to get your old computer back on the phone

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1. CrunchBang

CrunchBang Linux is a Debian-based distribution, featuring lightweight Openbox window managers and GTK + applications. The release was created from a minimal Debian system and was customized to provide a good balance between speed and functionality. CrunchBang Linux can now be obtained from a bootable CD, however it is installed on your hard disk for best performance advice.

2. Zenix

Zenix This release is based and fully compatible with Debian 6. Has a beautiful, simple operation interface, but also light scale. It installs any thousands of applications that can be run in Debian. The Zenix itself requires only 60MB of memory. It uses the most Lightweight window manager, Openbox and awesome. Openbox has been used in other distributions, but awesome is very special, it is a very light Tile window manager. Awesome also relies on keyboard and mouse shortcuts.

3. Antix

Antix is a fast, lightweight, easy to install Linux bootable CD release, based on the Mepis and Debian Test Branch, for INTEL/AMD x86 compatible systems. Antix provides users with Mepis magic with a set of environments suitable for old computers. Antix's goal is to provide a lightweight but fully functional, flexible, free operating system for Linux novices and veterans. It should run on most computers-a PII system from MB memory but with 128 MB swap partitions to the newest high-end machine. The minimum memory configuration recommended for Antix is 128 MB RAM, while Setup requires at least 1.2 GB of hard disk space. Antix can also be used as a quick-start emergency disc.

4. Zenwalk

Zenwalk Linux (formerly known as Minislack) is a slackware based Gnu/linux operating system that is designed to stay streamlined and efficient with only one application set per task, with a focus on graphics desktops and multimedia usage. Zenwalk features the latest Linux technology and a suite of programming environments and runtime libraries that provide an ideal platform for application developers. The modular implementation of Zenwalk also provides an easy way to transform Zenwalk Linux into a modern, highly regulated server, such as lamp architecture, communication, file sharing.

5. Xubuntu and Lubuntu

Xubuntu is an official Ubuntu derivative version of the XFCE desktop environment. Her goal is to lower-profile computer users, or to groups of users who need an efficient desktop environment on a faster system. Xubuntu contains the main GNOME applications.

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