5 Persuasive web design techniques for increasing conversion rates

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The sight is false to the real ear. The human brain is 50 times times more likely to process visual information than text messages. Therefore, the use of visual stimulation to allow others to perform the action is easier than using verbal communication or text, this principle is also applicable to the design of the Electronic Business website.

According to the latest research in web design psychology, to allow visitors to perform their actions, one must first understand their psychology. The human brain is mostly hasty in making decisions, without deliberate deliberation. Malcolm Gladwell said, "Successful decision-making is the result of weighing rational and perceptual thinking." "When visitors are faced with a multitude of choices, the most important thing is to attract them from a perceptual level, but you only have a few seconds to complete this step." For persuasive web design, here are five recommendations:

  I. Clear and clear

The human brain is an organ of good questioning. 初次见到某个事物时,人想到的第一个问题是:这是什么?所以,在访问网站时,访客首先会想:这个网站有什么用?在这儿能做什么?是否有必要在此停留?还有最重要一问,即是否能找到所需信息?设计网页就应避免使用大量术语或复杂措词。 You can imitate the following:

What the website sells, how to buy, and how to get other information are at a glance.

  Second, the apparent effect outstanding

Research shows that 96% of people visit the site first focus on visual design, only 6% notice the content of the site. First impressions can last for several years. Visual perception is easier to form in the first time than the user experience. The following is the website for simple online banking. Simple and clear home and the purpose of the site fully fit, this is the use of large white background to guide the attention of the example.

  Third, the level of clarity

In a Web page, the larger the element, the more important it is. As shown in the following figure four circles, people tend to think that blue is the most important because it is the largest.

Therefore, when designing a Web page, you should design the most important elements of the Web page.

  Four, lock attention

80% of the attention is generated on the first screen of the homepage, 69% of the attention generated on the left side of the page. The best way to capture attention, according to neuroscience research, is to use oversized, eye-catching images, such as using large background images on landing pages.

The figure chart is the most close to the shopper. If the person in the picture has a smile, the visual front, the use of open body language, like real shoppers can produce the best results.

The following is the latest product page layout for ebay:

Ebay claims to use larger graphics and less text slows down the user's scrolling speed. For product pages, you should enlarge the product picture. For example, you can reduce the number of products per line to make each picture appear larger, which can increase the revenue by 25%.

  Five, each page a primary action

Each page of the site has a specific feature. At design time, you should make each page function clear and avoid too much call to action. "Free Registration" is the most common home action call, but what is the purpose, usefulness and significance of the visitor's registration? Therefore, the best way is to first show the visitors the product and service information, when the time comes when the call of action.

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