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5 actual web site features in a crash

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In the first few phases of IIS 4.0, we saw the powerful IIS (Internet information Server) 4.0 of 30 features, SSL and digital verification, how to design an active Web site using ASP, how to use the website data, IIS 4.0 site management, how to connect the Web site, Transaction the Server's three-tier technology, and the technology of the SQL Server 7.0 Web site library. This issue will explore the 5 actual ASP Web site features.

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5 Authentic ASP Web site features

After a few years of learning how to use the Web site for ASP, Repository, and component 3, this issue will teach you how to make the most of the 5 actual ASP site features.

The 5 ASP Web site features are as follows:

Transaction function: "Die and die" of the abnormal (Transaction) function.

SSL function: Security transfer.

Message Queue function: Asynchronous processing function.

Chinese full-text check cable function.

Email delivery function.


How does the Web site add transaction function?

How do I add the Transaction function to your website?

IIS (Internet Information Server) is tightly integrated with MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server), and the data library can have a "Die and Die" (Transaction) feature.

When all databases in an ASP program are successful, to be successful; when there is a more dynamic failure of a data library, the more dynamic data will be restored (rollback), which is called the Transaction function.

If, for example, a client's account is to be sent to B, a client's data library will be automatically restored (rollback) if the client's library is more volatile. The data in several databases is more dynamic, not "live" or "Die Together".

Not all databases provide an Transaction function, and access does not provide the Transaction functionality of SQL Server and Oracle as well.

The effective range of the Transaction function in an ASP program is an ASP program, in other words, all the databases in this ASP program have an Transaction function.

How do you tell IIS to do the Transaction function in an ASP program?

method to add "transaction=required" to the first line of the ASP code, to tell IIS that this ASP program uses the behavior of the TRANSACTION function, the ASP program is as follows:

<%@ transaction=required language= "VBScript"%>

If all programs in this ASP program, including updating a number of databases, are executed successfully, the OnTransactionCommit () applet will be called. If a failure is performed (including updating any library failure), the OnTransactionAbort () applet is called.

You can call the SetComplete method to indicate the success of the Execute, or call the SetAbort method to indicate the failure of the row.

For example, the ASP file is as follows:

<%@ transaction=required language= "VBScript"%>


<% Set obj1 = Server.CreateObject ("testobj.cls1")%>

<% = obj1.data3t (1,10)%>


Sub OnTransactionCommit ()


End Sub

Sub OnTransactionAbort ()


End Sub


Design of components with transaction function

How do I design a component with an Transaction function?

Method uses an ASP's ObjectContext object in an ActiveX DLL, such as the ActiveX DLL for visual Basic, as follows:

Dim Objcontext as ObjectContext

Set objcontext = GetObjectContext ()

When performed successfully, call the SetComplete method, perform a failure call SetAbort method to release the resource.

For example, in the ActiveX DLL for Visual Basic, its Visual Basic code is as follows:

Function data3t (INPUT1, points)

On Error GoTo Error1

Dim Objcontext as ObjectContext

Set objcontext = GetObjectContext ()



Exit Function



End Function


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