5 Steps for you to learn Windows compiler Nginx

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Windows under the Nginx battle, people do not do will not die! It's like getting a McDonald's coupon to buy KFC.

  Nginx is a lightweight Web server, reverse proxy server, mail server and so on set a string of honors in one of the big characters! He is a Russian rich son, but for the old beauty of the neighbor's children Windows is not so kind, character, different appearance! After all, not a mother born child, ╮ ( ̄▽ ̄ ") ╭, not a mother born ... Fate is such a trick, the more you don't want to happen, the more you don't want to see, the more you avoid, he will jump in front of you, the teeth! One day, Nginx to the old Mei Home affairs, finished, no media, 2 people communication is not smooth, stumbling, not comfortable ...

Cut back to the point, nagging for a long time, we come to see how to compile Nginx module on Windows, this is not my original, I am the knowledge of the Porter (Nginx official website method)

Preparatory work:

 1, download VS2010 + VS2010 SP1 (c + + compilation Environment), installation completed

2. Download MSYS1.0 (GNU environment) installation complete

3, download ActivePerl (SSL environment, self-download 64-bit or 32-bit), installation completed

4, download Mercurial (nginx source download, self-download 64-bit or 32-bit), installation completed

5. Download PCRE 8.39:ftp://ftp.csx.cam.ac.uk/pub/software/programming/pcre/(SSL-related, library functions)

6. Download Zlib 1.2.8 (SSL-related, library functions)

7. Download OpenSSL 1.0.1e

Operation Steps:

1, get nginx source : Open the cmd command, switch to the mercurial installation directory, execute the following command:

HG Clone http://Hg.nginx.org/nginx 
  2. Place Resource Bundle : Under Nginx root directory, create Objs and Lib level subdirectory, such as hierarchy, put in decompression: PREC, zlib, OpenSSl

3, Create the compilation command set : Under the Nginx root directory, create BUILD.bat, the text content is as follows:
Auto/configure--with-cc=CL--builddir=objs--prefix= --conf-path=conf/nginx.conf--pid-path=logs/Nginx.pid--http-log-path=logs/access.log--error-log-path=logs/Error.log--sbin-path=nginx.exe--http-client-body-temp-path=temp/client_body_temp--http-proxy-temp-path=temp/proxy_temp--http-fastcgi-temp-path=temp/fastcgi_temp--with-cc-opt=-dfd_setsize=1024x768--with-pcre=objs/lib/pcre-8.39 --with-zlib=objs/lib/zlib-1.2.8--with-openssl=objs/lib/openssl-1.0. 1e--with-select_module--with-Http_ssl_module
4, production makefile Resources : Run Msys
(after the installation is complete, automatically on the desktop has a shortcut), switch to the Nginx root directory, execute the following command:
   Operations such as:
5, compile Nginx source code (procedure 1.5): Run the VS2010 command line, switch to the Nginx root directory, execute the following command:
Nmake-f Objs/makefile

6, call it off! @@#@#@¥@#¥#......%&......*&!

by : Dolphin Bay-Fung

5 Steps for you to learn Windows compiler Nginx

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