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A few days ago, one of the brand influence of the "Proud Tour (Maxthon)" Browser completed the version of the update, the grand launch of a new version. The new version of the newly designed page to find the toolbar and the relevant template for Automatic Updates, together with the correction of the dozens of old version of the flaws in the software, the overall functionality and user browsing the overall performance of the Web page has been a very big improvement.

The author in the new version of "Proud Tour (Maxthon)" Browser trial process, has found some can make the software more handy to use a few super "one key to fix" function, here to share with you.

Custom 1: Web browsing a key to restore "memory"

Friends through QQ and MSN sent over a number of wonderful articles recommended links, when we open the link, flattered to enjoy the article, ie browser because of an accidental collapse and quit, I believe many friends have encountered this annoying situation.

If we again in IE browser to manually open a number of links, it will certainly delay a lot of time. In fact, this situation in the "Proud Tour (Maxthon)" Browser as long as the simple settings, you can once and for all to avoid such embarrassment:

First in the proud browser to open the "Proud Tour Settings Center" page, then switch to the general Options subpage, where the user sets the "Open on startup" change to "automatically open the page accessed on last Shutdown" option, and then click the "Apply" button, and the "Maxthon" browser will have "memory "The next time you start the software, you automatically open all pages that were not closed when you last exited (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Fun Open Web page bulk "One-click Restore"

Custom 2: Software startup one key to open "hot chain"

Many friends may prefer to use such a Web page such as hao13.com as the homepage of the browser, because there are many commonly used Web sites for users to choose the click of a button to enter.

However, such as hao13.com such as Web site Navigation page, its links are generally too complex, so there is no specific customization for the user and every time the browser will start to automatically open such personalized Web site Navigation page? Proud Tour (Maxthon) "Browser also provides us with a most practical" shortcut.

In the "AO Maxthon" browser, the user first puts all the commonly used pages that need to be open in the same folder, and then opens the General Options sub page in the "Pride Center" that is mentioned above, setting the "Open on startup" change to "open the specified folder in the Favorites" option, and the folder that contains the commonly used Web pages into the software, and finally click the "Apply" button, the "AO Maxthon" browser at each startup, will automatically open the user-tailored Web site Navigation page (Figure 2, Figure 3).

Figure 2 Self-Tailored website navigation page

Figure 3 "Proud tour" opens the navigation page each time you start

Custom 3: Smelting software A key to hide the "golden finger"

Nowadays, there are a lot of people who work in the office, using the Gap Jianfengchazhen to check the real-time stock market is very common, then we are most worried about, may be the boss or other colleagues come over.

In fact, this user does not have to worry at all, proud browser to support the shortcut key to exit the function, that is, the user in the Open Browser page window through the keyboard input "CTRL +" shortcut keys, you can be proud of the browser to achieve an instantaneous exit; again, the user enters "CTRL +" shortcut keys again, Proud of the browser can also be realized instantly open.

Of course, for the software default shortcut keys, users can also change the settings from the row definition: Also open the "Pride of the Center" page of the "General Options" subpage, in which the "Enable the Boss key" in which the shortcut key changes (see Figure 4).

Figure 4 Customizing and enabling the "Boss key" in the software

Custom 4: Webpage picture one key collection "Sniper"

For many "color friends", a large number of collection of various beautiful images on the Web page may be very happy and useful thing. Relative to other web browsers, "AO Tour (Maxthon)" Browser's image collection function can be more efficient operation, so that users exquisite pictures a good too.

Switch to the "floating button" subpage on the Open "Pride Center" page. Select the "Hold down CTRL key while clicking Image" option, and then click the "Apply" button, then the user will click the CTRL key while clicking on the page to save the image link, The browser will automatically download and save the picture to the specified location. This software can support the bulk click and bulk storage of the images to be collected (Figure 5).

Figure 5 Using shortcut keys to achieve a quick one-click to save the picture

Custom 5: Web browsing one key clear mark "no Shadow Foot"

When we are on the Internet, the system automatically recorded a large number of online record information may reveal the user's part of the important privacy information and confidential electronic documents of the specific storage path. If the user is currently using the "Proud Tour (Maxthon)" Browser, the software is a better historical record cleaning function, can fundamentally eliminate this sometimes let users unexpected security risks.

The user will open the "Pride Center" page to switch to the "Security and privacy" subpage, where the software lists the "Automatically clean browsing record when exiting" include Undo list, browser history, Address bar Drop-down list, search bar history, feed automatic discovery history, A number of historical records, such as cookies and cache files, are automatically cleaned, and the user can choose to configure and automatically clean as needed (Figure 6).

Figure 6 Configuring software to automate historical cleanup of items

Generally speaking, "Proud Tour (Maxthon)" is a full-featured, stable performance, part of the details of the design is very single browser, users can directly implement in other Web browser software need to use plug-ins or some auxiliary tools to achieve the function, so "AO Tour (Maxthon)" Browsers in many users have been very good reputation.

On the other hand, "Maxthon" is a sophisticated web browser that integrates dozens of practical features, so many of the software features need careful users to slowly find, gradually groping, only in this way, the use of "AO Maxthon" browser users will be more handy, the above five " A key to fix ", the author is just a kind of a good way to improve the" proud tour (Maxthon) "Browser operation efficiency, we can all participate in such" Discovery "trip.

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