5 things that affect a promotion raise

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In the workplace for so many years, others should raise the long ago, the job-hopping also jumped, how do you still like this ? The future of promotion is confused! When you're in a situation like this, think about it and see if you have any problems .

The following analysis organizes several practices that may affect the promotion of the situation, to see which type you belong to.

First fool: Best man type

Such people are hard-working and conscientious, but your work is seldom known, especially by your superiors. Others always use your grades to Baogong, you also want to have honor, status and pay rise, but did not learn how to make people pay attention to you, pay attention to your achievements. Some people who have been on the wall after capturing your wit, you can only cry.

Second fool: Buffalo type

For any request, all smiles greet. Other people ask you to help, you always put down your job to support, you have to pull the work of the other overtime. You sacrifice a lot for other people's affairs, but seldom get the appreciation of others and the boss, and say you are useless and honest. In front of colleagues, leaders will not say "no", was wronged, had to get home to vent.

Third fool: complaining type

While working on the job, not satisfied with the work, while completing the task, side frown. Make people feel you live passively. A colleague thinks you are difficult to get along with, and the boss thinks you are the one who interferes with work and complains, and is called "Scrappy". As a result of the escalation, the chance of a raise, you have to go, you only "naïve" complaints.

The four silly: pigeon type

This kind of person is diligent in work, also has the skill and the talent, but others promotion, raises, the promotion, you just increases the workload. You've been unhappy with this situation, but you can't make a bold statement and try to defend it, but just talk around the bush. The information is not communicated or ignored by the boss at all. All because you tame like a dove.

Five silly: Hostile type

Such people can not say that they are not confident, or even self-confidence over the head. In the work is very competent, performance is very good, but look down on colleagues, always hostile attitude to get along with people, and everyone has a little conflict of opinion. Act too presumptuous and often interfere with others. People will only "hate and far", no one cares about your good ideas, good grades.

5 things that affect a promotion raise

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